The Exclusive Nobu Dish You Can Only Eat On Private VistaJet Flights

VistaJet, the first and only global aviation company (per VistaJet), offers what's perhaps the most superior flying experience you can find — one that allows you all the luxury and convenience of flying privately without any of the responsibility of actually owning an aircraft. Each flight is carefully tailored to the needs of the client. From the selection of literature found in the onboard library to the flexibility of a cabin that can function as both a relaxing family space and a business suite, every detail of the VistaJet cabin experience is arranged to match your lifestyle. So, it's only natural that the food served onboard would be as well.

VistaJet's VP of Private Dining, Diego Sabino, stated that the company has "been on a journey to transform the private dining experience in the air — to make it something to savor." They're not alone in that endeavor; Emirates, a Dubai-based airline, recently announced a $2 billion plan to excel their inflight experience, including fancier inflight menus. However, apart from the company's seasonal menus and high-end service, VistaJet's approach is special in that every meal is prepared with the unique aspects of high-altitude dining in mind — and that expectation extends to their partners.

Currently, VistaJet works with more than 100 Michelin-starred restaurants and private chefs — one of the most notable being Nobu Matsuhisa, who recently prepared a dish you can only get while aboard a VistaJet flight.

Introducing Nobu Steamed Salmon Dry Miso

Since 1994, when the first Nobu opened in New York City and unveiled the chef's innovative fusion of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine (per CNN), the name has become synonymous with upscale dining. The Nobu legacy has spread across the globe — from luxury hotels in far-off destinations to astoundingly reviewed restaurants in the most food-acclaimed cities of the world (via Nobu Restaurants). The chef's partnership with VistaJet is a natural extension of that, providing their guests with a private Nobu dining experience while flying 45,000 feet in the sky, per VistaJet. Now, that experience comes with an added sense of exclusivity: A dish prepared for VistaJet passengers by Chef Nobu himself.

In a recent press release from VistaJet, Chef Nobu Matsuhisa said, "I'm delighted to continue our partnership with VistaJet and to introduce Nobu Steamed Salmon Dry Miso — a new and exciting dish created exclusively for their clients. Like Nobu, VistaJet is a global brand dedicated to offering their guests an unparalleled experience in world class service and I look forward to our continued partnership for many miles to come." 

To ensure the level of consistency that Chef Nobu Matsuhisa maintains in all of his restaurants, the dish, along with all others served onboard, is uniquely prepared in consideration of high-altitude dining — demonstrating that, when flying VistaJet, compromising on taste simply isn't an option.