Do Bacon Avocados Taste Like Bacon?

Avocados, love them or hate them, have been taking over the health food scene for the last few years. It's hard to go out to brunch without seeing avocado toast on the menu or reading a smoothie ingredient list lacking the fruit. In fact, According to The Washington Post, yearly avocado sales have skyrocketed since the millennium by more than 3 billion, as per the Hass Avocado Board. However, while our morning routines usually consist of slicing into a Hass avocado, there are many other avocado varieties you should know about.

According to Healthline, there are hundreds of avocado types that are grown worldwide. Based on their pollination and blooming habits, avocado cultivars are typically divided into A-type and B-type cultivars. Some of the popular A-types include Reed, Pinkerton, Gwen, and Hass, with Hass, of course, being the most popular. However, one of the increasingly popular B-type varieties is the Bacon avocado, a great alternative to the classic Hass.

For reasons including the taste, peel, and oil content, it might be worthwhile throwing Bacon avocados in your cart on your next shopping trip.

Origins of Bacon avocados

Bacon avocados are visually similar to Hass avocados, as they both have the classic oval shape, dark green skin, and yellow-green flesh, according to Specialty Produce. However, their origins are not the same. While both native to California, the Bacon avocado is a hybrid of two Mexican avocado varieties. Bacon avocados were bred to be a more cold-resistant variety, being successful in areas where the lowest temperatures don't dip below 25 degrees Fahrenheit.

And, unfortunately for any meat lovers, it seems that the Bacon name does not come down to any bacon-like flavor profile in the fruit. Rather, the variety is named after James Bacon, the original cultivator of the variety from Southern California, according to Daily Harvest Express. He originally bred the Bacon avocado in 1954, and it has been a successful crop since. It is usually available in the mid to late wintertime, according to Specialty Produce.

Sorry, meat lovers

There are quite a few reasons to consider picking out a few Bacon avocados during your next grocery haul — even if a meaty flavor isn't one. It can be argued that some people may enjoy the flavor more than Hass avocados, but it comes down to personal preference. While Hass avocados are typically prized for their buttery and rich taste, the Bacon variety is described as lighter, with nutty and fruity notes, as per Daily Harvest Express.

Another reason to consider tossing Bacon avocados into your cart is that they're "exceptionally easy to peel," according to Specialty Produce. This is a huge convenience, especially during busy mornings when any time spent on meticulous tasks can be frustrating. Also, Bacon avocados have a lower oil content than the Hass variety, yet still maintain a fantastic flavor. This may be a benefit for some looking for those that avoid high-fat foods. 

So, it may be worth considering mixing it up with a purchase of Bacon avocados to blend into your next dip or slice them up to top your next BLT.