The European Starbucks Latte Made For Stroopwafle Lovers

Within the realm of Dutch desserts lies doughnuts, pancakes, and pies that are often light or soft on the sweetness scale, per Lacademie. And that's especially true for the cookies, namely, stroopwafles.

If you've never heard of a stroopwafle before, they're like mini versions of waffles but much thinner and crispier, contrasted by their soft interior. As 3 Bros Dutch Cookies explains, there's a caramel syrup on the inside that's buttery and spiced, which is the "stroop" part of "stroopwafle." Most people grab a hot drink, place the stroopwafle on top of it, and wait for the steam to soften the underside of it, as well as the syrup inside, which yields a soft and crispy cookie that's accentuated by the warm, flavorful syrup.

Fortunately, you don't need to whip out your baking equipment to enjoy the taste of stroopwafles because Starbucks has concocted a latte for fans of these popular Dutch cookies.

Say hello to the caramel waffle latte

Stroopwafle fans rejoice — for there is a Starbucks beverage sold in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East that will restore this inner nostalgia, and it's called the caramel waffle latte. According to Starbucks Stories & News, this latte is a combination of milk and espresso, followed by caramel whipped cream, spiced winter waffle sauce, and spiced caramel waffle crunch bits on top. (Yahoo! mentions that these waffle crunch bits taste like stroopwafles.) The official Starbucks website also specifies that white chocolate mocha sauce is added for some extra sweetness.

TikTok user amelia.dickens tried the latte and mentioned how it tasted "quite almondy" and couldn't pick up any caramel notes. Another TikTok user by the name of davidjordan312 has their own take on the drink, first explaining that they enjoyed the cereal-like taste of the waffle bits on top. Furthermore, they state that "it's quite creamy, and you don't really get a lot of caramel, but the shaving things are really nice." (The shavings are the waffle bits.) They also mention that the drink could be improved with extra caramel. So if you ever get the chance to order this in the future, it may be worth modifying the order with extra caramel sauce or toppings.

The caramel waffle latte is seasonal and may not be currently available, so for now, it's probably best to customize one of Starbucks' secret menu items to taste the above stroopwafle flavors.