Uber Eats Wants To Make Holiday Food Shopping Easier With New Feature

They've delivered your dinner and late-night snacks, and now Uber Eats wants to make your holiday food shopping a little easier. Whether you forgot an ingredient or you need more food to accommodate a last-minute guest, Uber Eats can save you repeat visits to the market, according to an announcement from Sundeep Jain, Uber's Chief Product Officer.

Consumers are expected to spend an average of $1,430 during the 2022 holiday season, with about $754 of that amount on gifts, another $452 on travel, and $224 on entertainment, according to PwCThe National Retail Federation predicts U.S. retail sales for the holidays during November and December will total between $942.6 billion and $960.4 billion, an increase of 6% to 8% compared to last year. However, according to Vericast, shoppers are looking for ways to save money this holiday season, with 74% saying they are open to buying different food brands than normal if they are less expensive. 

But convenience is still important to shoppers in 2022, according to findings from PwC that indicate shoppers plan to do 57% of their shopping online. With people looking to get the cheapest holiday supplies conveniently, Uber Eats wants to help them make that happen.

Convenience at your fingertips

Uber Eats has launched its Holiday Shop, where customers can order what they need from major retailers, according to Uber's November 14 announcement. Grocery and convenience items, as well as alcohol from retailers like Walgreens, Albertsons, Total Wine, and many others will be included in Uber's new shop.

"This year, whatever the holidays look like for you and your family, Uber is here to help you Go Anywhere and Get Anything — whether you're traveling, hosting, or sending gifts," reads the announcement.

People using Uber Eats' Holiday Shop to purchase alcohol will have access to a more extensive selection via more retailers and advanced searching to allow for price comparison and delivery times. If you are having a hard time finding a specific item this holiday season, Uber Eats says it has your back and will help to track it down for you. If you want to help others with their shopping or dining, Uber Eats also offers gift cards. This holiday season, don't fret if you've forgotten a bag of sugar or a package of tissue paper because, with a few taps of your finger, Uber Eats is ready to save the day.