The Starbucks Fudge Brownie Hot Chocolate The US Missed Out On

No Christmas season is complete without snacking on candy canes, baking up sugar cookies, and, of course, sipping away at a Starbucks holiday drink. But while the mocha peppermint latte is the pumpkin spice of the Christmas season and cold brew makes the ever-growing iced coffee trend festive (per Statista), for some holiday-goers Starbucks' merry red menu is all about hot chocolate. In fact, YouGovAmerica found in a survey filled with classic holiday drinks, the U.S. deemed hot chocolate its favorite Christmas-time sip. However, while Starbucks offers plenty of hot cocoa options to make your spirits bright, what might be one of the company's most tasty hot cocoas for the Christmas season is out of reach for Americans

Fudge brownies. Rich and chocolatey, this classic recipe has been transformed into iconic holiday treats, like Little Debbies' brownie Christmas trees, which has made it as much of a Christmas delight as its cocoa counterpart. So then, what happens when you combine brownie and cocoa into one, delicious dessert? Luckily, Starbucks would know with its fudge brownie hot chocolate. But only stores located throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Africa can look forward to the return of the chocolatey drink (per Starbucks).

American Christmas goers may be tempted to buy a plane ticket to savor the taste

As Starbucks notes, the fudge brownie hot chocolate is exactly what it sounds like — a chocolate-filled delight. Of course, this drink's biscuit (also known as a cookie for those of us under the star-spangled banner), sauce, and mocha whipped cream make this chocolate drink seem like a Christmas miracle. However, it's the beverage's mocha drizzle and chunky fudge sprinkles that Essex Live reports make it taste like a "brownie in drink form."

While those of us in the U.S. can't order this chocolate-slathered cocoa, it may lessen the pain to remember that this drink is seasonal and that, even when Christmas comes around, it may not always appear on the Starbucks' holiday menu. However, if you need further help coping with never tasting this seasonal sip, there is a way to order a similar American holiday treat off of the chains' secret menu. According to a TikTok video, Starbucks lovers can ask for a hot chocolate with hazelnut syrup, whipped cream, and mocha drizzle to get a resembling brownie drink.