Wendy's New Peppermint Frosty Is Just In Time For The Holidays

I scream, you scream, we all scream for, well, a Wendy's Frosty. According to a Wendy's press release, the fast-food chain sells roughly 300 million Frostys every single year via Reader's Digest, and it seems like fans still can't get enough. Last winter, Wendy's partnered with Kellogg's to make a Chocolate Frosty-inspired breakfast cereal via Today. Now, it's holiday fans' turn to get excited.

Introducing the Peppermint Frosty: The first holiday Frosty in the history of Wendy's, per CNN. The new seasonal flavor will feature peppermint ice cream. It marks a major departure from the faithful Frosty lineup. The vanilla Frosty wasn't even created until 2006, explains Food & Wine. From 1969 until then, chocolate (an original menu item) was the only Frosty flavor in Wendy's' oeuvre. The holiday flavor comes after Wendy's introduced only its third Frosty flavor in franchise history this past summer when it swapped out its iconic vanilla Frosty for strawberry. Now, strawberry is being traded for peppermint, and it is set to hit the market on November 15. Here's what fans can expect.

Talk about a frosty Christmas

Per CNN, the release of the Peppermint Frosty was largely inspired by the new strawberry Frosty's success. Carl Loredo, Wendy's chief marketing officer, said, "Folks enjoyed the strawberry Frosty enough that we knew it was important to get after another flavor and one that would tie well with the holidays." Loredo went on to say that Wendy's has been working behind-the-scenes for the past several years on developing new Frosty flavors and hinted that fans could expect even more new Frosty flavors in the future.

The Peppermint Frosty might not just be switching the game up on flavor but on texture, too. According to John Li, the vice president of culinary innovation for Wendy's, the upcoming holiday flavor will be the same "classic thick and creamy Frosty," but will feature "bursts of fresh peppermint," via Food & Wine. But after the holiday season, Wendy's states that vanilla will once again rise up to take Peppermint's place. For the time being, Frosty fans can get their hands on either Peppermint or chocolate during the holiday season for however long it lasts. Wendy's has yet to state exactly how long the peppermint Frosty will be around for but announced the seasonal flavor as a limited-edition menu item.

November also marks the return of Wendy's annual promotional Frosty Key Tags. For just $2, key tag holders can get a free junior-sized Frosty with every purchase from November 21 through January 29, 2023.