Insomnia's Decadent Holiday Menu Includes 2 New Stuffed Cookies

Insomnia Cookies was founded on the premise that no late-night craving for melty, warm, freshly baked cookies should go unsatisfied, per its website. Nor do those cravings take holidays off. In fact, holidays seem to have a way of making us even hungrier (via Saint Leo University) — especially for holiday-themed cookies and other festive treats. And apparently, Insomnia Cookies gets it, because it just announced the launch of an extensive and decadent holiday menu that will be available from November 15, 2022, until January 1, 2023, according to a press release sent to Tasting Table. 

This year, Insomnia Cookies' holiday menu includes four cookies that are stuffed with edible delights such as fudge and buttercream and curated for warmth and decadence, according to the press release. Read on for all the decadent details, as well as to learn about the other mouth-watering edibles available from Insomnia Cookies this holiday season. 

Melty, gooey, stuffed cookies, anyone?

Tasting Table has learned from Insomnia Cookies that the four cookies making up its holiday collection this year include two new ones and two you might already be familiar with — although one has been amped for its encore. And as alluded to above, all emphasize "warm" and "decadent." And by that, we mean cookies that grow more decadent when warmed up. 

Returning from last year are the Red Velvet Cookies N Cream cookies, which Insomnia describes as a red velvet cookie "packed with sandwich cookie bits and vanilla chips," and an amped-up Classic Jinglebread cookie, which, this year, features ginger, molasses, and cinnamon. The first of the two new Insomnia cookies is the Deluxe Filled Hot Cocoa cookie, which is shown in the first photo you'll see above — directly under the headline. Insomnia Cookies describes it as a hot cocoa-flavored cookie studded with chocolate chips and a gooey chocolate sauce center. The second is the buttercream icing chip-studded, cinnamon-sugar-topped Vegan Cinnamon Bun cookie. 

All four of these holiday cookies will be available in-store and for local delivery, as well as via nationwide shipping, from November 15, 2022, through January 1, 2023.

But wait, there's more decadence to come!

Insomnia Cookies' decadent holiday menu also includes a number of other edible treats, including Jinglebread Cookie Butter (pictured above) and Jinglebread Cookie Cake (topped with cream cheese icing and sprinkles), per a press release. There's also a holiday cookie-dipping kit (Holiday Delight Dipper) featuring two each of Classic Gingerbread and Red Velvet CNC cookies with cream cheese or buttercream icing and sprinkles for dipping. And let's not forget the "Fa-La-La 4+4" combo cookie pack, consisting of two of each of Classic Gingerbread and Red Velvet Cookies N Cream, and four of the new Deluxe Hot Cocoa cookies. All of these are available in-store and through local delivery only, between November 15 and January 1. 

But those outside of driving/delivery distance needn't fret, for there are options for you too — in fact, the following are available only via national shipping. First, there's an all-new Jinglebread Double Cookie Cake (filled with cream cheese icing and topped with gumdrops). There's also an all-new combo pack featuring three Classic Gingerbread, three Red Velvet CNC, and four of the new Deluxe Hot Cocoa cookies, as well as an all-new Holiday Delight BIGGER Dipper featuring six Classic Gingerbread, six Red Velvet CNC, cream cheese or buttercream icing, and sprinkles. 

Finally, the Deck the Dough DIY kit is back by popular demand. It features 12 Classic Gingerbread and Snickerdoodle cookies, plenty of buttercream and colored gel icing, gum drops, sprinkles and decorating tools — including two cookie cutters.