Storing Your Knives In A Drawer Is Not Worth The Risk

How you store your knives can bring about some sharp critics. This kitchen essential is the favored tool of many a chef and for good reason. A knife is needed to chiffonade your basil, dice your onions, cut up a piece of meat, slice a beautiful homemade cake, and mince that aromatic garlic that is so important to many a recipe. Knives are also expensive. According to Kitchn, as you are outfitting your kitchen with this beloved tool, it's important to bear in mind you could spend anywhere from $10 to $10,000 on just one. So, it is easy to understand why you want to know how to buy and maintain a handcrafted kitchen knife, as well as take care of all the knives in your cooking arsenal. 

This begins by paying close attention to how they are washed and stored. How should one store knives for culinary endeavors? Some cooks like to hang their knives vertically on a magnetic strip, while many others opt to keep their knives in a designated drawer so they are easy to find when in need of use; however, Food & Wine explains storing your knives in this spot can be an expensive hazard that is not worth the cost.

Protect your fingers and your knives

Food & Wine explains that you want to keep your knives out of your kitchen drawers for several reasons. The obvious reason is the "safety hazard" keeping knives in a drawer can pose for you and other little hands that might reach in to grab one and accidentally cut a finger. But Food & Wine elaborates that is not the only reason. Keeping knives in a drawer can lead to dull, chipped kitchen tools that will not perform at their optimal level when you need them most, hindering your cooking abilities.

So, where should you keep your knives? Serious Eats says it depends. Knife storage is not a one size fits all game, and every cook needs to choose an option that works for the kitchen they cook in. Some may opt for a magnetic strip. It allows for easy access, provides a lot of space to artistically display your knives, and ensures knives aren't at risk of chipping. Still, if you only ever use a few knives, perhaps a knife block is in your kitchen's future. And if you simply do not like the idea of storing knives on a wall or in a block, Serious Eats recommends investing in an "in-drawer knife holder and/or some blade protectors" so you can safely store them in your drawers.