Why You Should Chill Your Kitchen Tools When Making Whipped Cream

Since 1549 (per Food & Wine), whipped cream has helped us dress our milkshakes, fill our cream puffs, and complete our four-layer delights. But aside from its great taste, one of the main reasons this decadent topping has become a must for countless desserts is because of how easy it is to make.

In fact, as Sally's Baking Addiction reports, all you need to make a fresh batch of whipped cream at home is heavy cream, vanilla, and sugar. However, while the hardest part of prepping whipped cream is ensuring you stop beating it as soon at it peaks (Sally's Baking Addiction reports overdone whipped cream will curdle on your sundae), there is one essential tip for whip cream making you've probably been missing out on. 

Before you run to the store to grab your topping's ingredients, you need to freeze the kitchen tools you plan on using to put this recipe together (via Food & Wine). While this may sound like a lot of work with not many benefits, we assure you it's just as detrimental and pastry-chef approved a whipped cream tip as adding chocolate and spices into your recipe to make the topping turn out as tasty as possible.

Chilling your kitchen tools makes for perfectly fluffy whipped cream

According to Cook's Illustrated, the cream you use to make whipped cream has to be cold in order for the topping to properly form. So similarly to ensuring you add room temperature butter to your buttercream frosting, the same outlet reports using cold dishes to make whipped cream will help your ingredients stay cool and improve the recipe's consistency and volume.

In order to prepare your kitchen tools to make whipped cream, Food & Wine states you should place your whisk and bowl in the freezer. After 15 minutes have passed, you can then take out your cooking gear and get ready to whip your cream. However, because your whipped cream will form more quickly in a cold bowl than in a room temperature one, the outlet reports you should pay close attention to ensure you don't overbeat it. 

And if you want to make 100% certain your cream is kept cold throughout the whipping process, Cuisine at Home states you can even set your pre-chilled mixing bowl on top of a gel pack. But so long as you get into the habit of doing all you can to keep your topping's ingredients as cool as possible, your party guests will thank you after they dive into a peach cobbler topped in extra fluffy homemade whipped cream.