Starbucks' Secret Menu Blue Drink Is Less Complicated Than You Might Expect

More often than not, snagging a drink off of Starbucks' coveted secret menu comes at a hefty price. Because for all of their great taste, most of the coffee chain's off-menu sips can be a headache to order. For example, if you hope to get your hands on the Thin Mint frappe, you'll need to start (yes, start) by asking for a Double Chocolaty Chip créme frappuccino with two pumps of peppermint syrup and a pump of mocha sauce. Then, to finish the drink, you'll have to ask your already-tired barista to layer the cookie-inspired sweet whipped cream with Mocha Cookie Crumble topping and matcha powder. 

And with that complicated secret menu combo in mind, you may be hesitant to find out more about ordering one of the coffee chain's most popular off-menu treats, the blue drink. However, we have news about this ocean-like sip that might put your anxious mind at ease. Like the once unofficial turned legit pink drink, the blue drink is also a member of the Starbucks rainbow drink secret menu (per Bustle). And just like its pinker sibling (made from strawberry acai refresher and coconut milk), the blue drink is also incredibly easy to order. Here's how you do it.

The blue drink is a simple and delicious three-ingredient treat

If you're a steadfast Starbies lover, you've probably heard of the refreshingly sweet purple drink. And if you've already ordered this colorful, pick-me-up by asking for an iced passion tango tea with soy milk, berries, and vanilla syrup (per Glamour), People reports you'll find the blue drink's recipe familiar.

As the outlet notes, to order the blue drink you'll ask for the same order as its purple counterpart, just without the fruit. People explains that excluding the berries is what makes the blue drink, well, blue. In fact, the site recommends asking your barista to leave all fruit out of your secret menu order if you want your drink to be as Instagrammably blue as possible.

So it's obvious that the blue drink is simple to make, but how does it taste? According to People, this colorful tea is a summer-perfect Starbucks treat thanks to its sweet, fruit-like flavor. This is expected given that the coffee chain reports the secret menu order's base, iced passion tango tea is primarily composed of apple and lemongrass (via Starbucks). However, the blue drink's fruity notes can overpower its vanilla syrup. So to remedy this, you might want to add a little more of it to your secret menu order — and since the blue drink is already so simple to make, you won't be exhausting your barista by asking for another pump.