The Standard Flavor Ben & Jerry's Fans Just Can't Get On Board With

If you love rich, creamy premium ice creams, then you've likely sunk a spoon into more than a few pints of Ben & Jerry's in your day. Founded in Burlington, Vermont in 1978, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield's rich, add-ins-packed frozen desserts quickly took off throughout the state and then beyond. Pre-packed pints hit grocery stores beginning in 1980, and ever since then, they've been a staple freezer item for many. 

But for every wildly successful Cherry Garcia, Ben & Jerry's signature cherry ice cream laced with chunks of chocolate and fresh cherries which was first stirred up in 1987 and continues to lead annual sales to this day (via Dairy Reporter), there's been a crash-and-burn flavor such as Sugar Plum, 1989's dud that paired plum ice cream with a caramel swirl. The brand's Flavor Graveyard is littered with unpopular, discontinued pints, and among them are several hazelnut flavors, which Ben & Jerry's fans just can't seem to get into.

Ben & Jerry's buyers continue to say no to hazelnut

What's not to love about hazelnuts? These crunchy tree nuts are a steadfast culinary companion, bringing crunch to buttery financiers, richness to dressings and marinades in the form of hazelnut oil, and are a healthy and convenient snack when simply eaten out of hand. But try convincing Ben & Jerry's fans of the deliciousness of hazelnuts — as the brand has, unsuccessfully, since 1988 — and you're bound to fail.

On its website, the brand notes that every single one of its attempts at hazelnut ice creams has been a commercial flop. "For some reason, our fans have never been nutty for hazelnuts," the site notes. "We tried Chocolate Hazelnut Swirl in 1988, but it fell flat. Hazelnut lasted a bit longer (1988 to 1991), but still didn't impress fans. We waited 9 years to try hazelnuts again and launched Coffee Hazelnut Swirl in 2000, which didn't last long. And, most recently, Hazed & Confused Core debuted in 2014, lasting only a year." When it comes to these fragrant, crunchy nuts, Ben & Jerry's buyers just don't want to get on board, the brand acknowledges with an, "Alright, alright, we'll take the hint."