The Tangy Cheese To Liven Up Your Artichoke Dip

A favorite of football Sunday and happy hours, artichoke dip is a beloved accompaniment to chips, breadsticks, vegetables, and more. America's love for dips dates back to the 1950s, when people were searching for utensil-free foods they could easily eat in front of the TV, according to 196 Flavors

The typical artichoke dip is pretty simple, and generally involves combining artichoke hearts, mayo, and Parmesan, and baking the mixture until it becomes warm, bubbly, and drool-worthy (via AllRecipes). As with any popular food, however, different chefs and recipe developers love to put their own spin on a classic. The most common variation, of course, is spinach artichoke dip, which involves adding frozen or sautéed spinach for the creamier ingredients to cling to. Interestingly, notes 196 Flavors, spinach artichoke dip was believed to have been inspired by the European flavors that American soldiers discovered during World War II.

Other versions of artichoke dip add Indian spices like curry leaves and cumin, or top it off with crunchy, garlicky breadcrumbs (via 101 Cookbooks). While these all sound delicious, there is one ingredient that will add just the right amount of tanginess to your artichoke dip.

Don't sleep on goat cheese

Cheese is a key ingredient in a variety of dips, but have you tried ones made with goat cheese? Due to its creamy texture and sharp flavor, goat cheese can be an excellent additive to a variety of dips, but it is an especially good way to liven up artichoke dip, particularly for those underwhelmed by the dip's typically mild flavors. And because it's so creamy, goat cheese can replace the mayo in artichoke dip, which in turn gives the recipe a (somewhat) healthier spin, according to Stephanie's Dish.

If you're looking to amp up your goat cheese and artichoke dip even more, you could follow Lidia Bastianich's lead and add some lemon juice, fava beans, and scallions. Giada De Laurentiis' take on the dip utilizes sundried tomatoes and Kalamata or Leccino olives. You can even up the tanginess with the addition of basil and toasted walnuts for a decidedly pesto flavored dip.

So the next time you're asked to bring an app to the get-together, surprise them with some goat cheese in the artichoke dip. They'll be scooping up chip after chip.