Duchess Kate's Homecooked Dish That Prince William Loves Most

Royals are a subject of fascination and scrutiny for the press and public alike: What they wear, what scandals they're involved in, and even what they cook and eat are newsworthy. A former chef for the most famous British family, Darren McGrady, spoke at length in an interview with Today about the preferences and aversions of several royal tasting palates. The Duchess, for example, had a liking for curries and sticky toffee pudding while, the late Queen Elizabeth II was particularly fond of a slice of chocolate biscuit cake with her afternoon tea and well-cooked meats, but avoided certain foods like shellfish, starchy carbs, sandwich crusts, and garlic. King Charles III's distaste for foie gras, which stems from ethical concerns, even extended to an official ban in royal households (per Marie Claire).

But since royals can be just like us non-royals, they do sometimes get their hands dirty in the kitchen and cook themselves. Kate Middleton may now be the Duchess of Cornwall and Cambridge, but she's also a wife who loves to cook for her husband.

The dish Duchess Kate makes for Prince William

In one 2012 Vanity Fair profile of the beloved Duchess, we catch an intimate glimpse into her newlywed and royally charmed life: Up to five outfit changes a day, studying royal etiquette and protocol, walking their dog, and doing grocery shopping at Waitrose or Morrisons. The Duchess' domesticity doesn't stop at picking up the groceries herself — she also makes a roast chicken supper for the lucky Prince William.

Kate Middleton's prowess in the kitchen doesn't stop at poultry, either. Reportedly, there is a sausage-maker in their kitchen, and the Duchess makes homemade jam while Prince William is out on duty on the royal circuit. According to World News Today, the Duchess has even gifted homemade chutney, made with squash, onions, apples, raisins, stoned dates, malt vinegar, brown sugar, salt, ginger, and mixed pickling spices. 

Perhaps the secret to her eternal youth is her penchant for home cooking, which tends to be healthier than dining out or easy processed meals (via The Healthy).