Blue Diamond Gets Festive With Cookie And Cocoa Almond Flavors

The holiday season brings many joys, one of which is the festive bounty of new seasonal flavors unveiled by restaurant chains and food and beverage makers. Dunkin', for example, recently announced its new holiday menu, featuring items like Cookie Butter Cold Brew coffee. New York City-based Van Leeuwen just announced its new holiday ice cream flavors, highlighted by Marzipan Cake with Fudge Swirl and Caramel Sticky Bun. And Starbucks has revealed its new at-home coffee flavors for the holiday season, which include gingerbread and peppermint mocha.

At first glance, almonds might seem an unlikely candidate for this holiday flavor treatment. After all, almonds are a nutritional powerhouse, notes WebMD, chockablock with healthy vitamins and minerals. But, of course, almonds are also extremely versatile. They're great in salads or as a standalone snack but can also handle the sweetness associated with most holiday flavors, as proven by their frequent inclusion in pies, cookies, cakes, and brownies. So yes, almonds are very much worthy of the holiday flavor treatment, and they've gotten it this year, as Blue Diamond has recently announced two new holiday flavors.

Blue Diamond adds two new flavors for the holiday season

According to a recent press release, Blue Diamond is adding two new limited edition almond flavors for this year's holiday season: Snickerdoodle Flavored Almonds, and Peppermint Cocoa Flavored Almonds. The former offers the spicy cinnamon sugar sweetness associated with snickerdoodles cookies, while the latter blends minty flavors with the sweet taste of chocolate.

Turning almonds into a vehicle for holiday cheer isn't exactly new for Blue Diamond. Fans of the brand may recall that it has previously received attention for its Deluxe Sweet & Savory Gift Basket, which Forbes listed among the Most Luxurious Snack Baskets in its 2019 Holiday Guide, according to Blue Diamond's website. That basket included lemon crème and orange crème almonds as well as Smokehouse and Bold flavors, but not this year's holiday-centric cookie- and cocoa-themed options.

Blue Diamond's two seasonally flavored almond products will be sold at a stocking stuffer-friendly price of $4.19 and will be available at stores across the U.S., as well as online via Amazon. However, per the press release, the products will only be sold through the end of 2022.