Why You Should Avoid Tough Cuts Of Meat For Steak And Eggs

Steak and eggs is an old-school breakfast in the best way possible. For most people, on most days, breakfast recipes don't get more complicated than cereal, toast, or quickly scrambled eggs if you bother to sit down at all. On the flip side, you have your indulgent weekend meals — more complex, more involved dishes like eggs benedict or pancakes piled high with fruit and fresh whipped cream. Steak and eggs are neither of those things; they're an indulgence but a simple one — a meal more likely to be fried up before a day spent working a farm than found at your local brunch spot.

That simple indulgence is why steak and eggs are so great, though. It's the satisfaction of enjoying something flavorful, rich, and packed with enough protein to fill you up so you can take on the day. And as long as you can salt and sear a steak, you can have one of the best breakfasts in minutes. Of course, just because it's simple doesn't mean it can't be messed up. You will want to do your eggs right, no matter how you take them. But when it comes to the main event, your choice of beef cut will go a long way toward making the final product great.

Tough cuts of beef take too long to cook

Even on a leisurely weekend, nobody wants to spend an hour cooking breakfast, and that's why your choice of cut really matters for steak and eggs. Tough cuts of beef like brisket can be very flavorful, but as Martha Stewart notes, the best way to cook them (braising) almost always involves a lot of time. According to The Spruce Eats, the toughest cuts besides brisket include beef chuck and top or bottom round, so if that is what's in your fridge, steak and eggs are not in your future.

For a beefy breakfast, the best options are going to come from the center cuts of the cow. Masterclass says sirloins, ribeye, strip steaks, and filet mignon are great options here. These steaks often have marbled fat and a texture that makes them susceptible to quick searing for a juicy and tender, impressively satisfying morning meal. And once you have your perfectly cooked steak, you can also try some variations on the classic steak and eggs. My Chicago Steak suggests cutting the steak and throwing the pieces in a hash or rolling them up in a hearty breakfast burrito. No matter how you choose to eat them, steak and eggs will always leave you with a primal happiness.