Tacos De Sesos: The Dish Brain Beginners Should Start With

When it comes to tacos, there are few dishes so customizable and versatile. The laid-back food can be eaten virtually any time of day, can come with a number of fantastic fillings, and either be eaten street-side or enjoyed at an upscale dining establishment. It's hard for any craving to beat out a warm corn tortilla encasing tender and juicy fillings, which is why tacos can be bought at almost every street corner around Mexico. However, different varieties of tacos shine across the country's diverse regions.

Northern Mexico tacos tend to come with lots of beef, and they often opt for flour tortillas over corn, according to Culture Trip. The site mentions tacos de carne asada (barbecued meat) and tacos de machaca (dried meat) are popular just about everywhere in the Northern states.

Down in Southern Mexico, there are more foreign combinations to most Americans, as insects are a popular filling in this area. Oaxacans enjoy tacos de chapulines (grasshopper), while in Chiapas, you can try taco de hormiga chicatana (flying ants), as per Culture Trip. Both are delicious and worth shaking any buggy fears.

And, the Pacific Coast of Mexico has an affinity for brains, as per Culture Trip. Yes, you heard that right. Cow brains are popular meat showcased in the famed dish, tacos de sesos, and for good reason.

Tacos are brain food

According to Atlas Obscura, tacos de sesos are filled with buttery and silky smooth animal brains. This meat is popular for its delicate texture, which can be nicely paired with fresh and crunchy toppings, like onions and cilantro. Cow and goat brains are most typically used, but as Kiwilimon's authentic recipe mentions, pork brains can also be showcased, as well.

Atlas Obscura notes that these tacos are typically prepared by first boiling the animals' heads to "tenderize and release the flesh from around the face." Once the outer layer of meat falls off of the skull, the cook cracks open the bone and pull out the brains. This meat is seasoned and then either braised or grilled. Once it's cooked thoroughly, it's sliced up, slightly resembling cauliflower according to the outlet, and served in a fresh tortilla.

While the brain is not the most common meat out there, it is definitely worth a try to experience this delicacy firsthand.