Marcus Samuelsson's Recommendations At His Montreal Restaurant MARCUS

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Marcus Samuelsson is an acclaimed chef known for his long list of culinary achievements and for his impressive ascent to the top of his field at a young age. According to Tasting Table, at only 24 years old, Samuelsson was the youngest chef to earn a New York Times three-star rating while serving as executive chef at New York City's Aquavit, according to his memoir, "Yes, Chef."

Since then, Samuelsson also found fame through TV appearances, such as hosting PBS's "No Passport Required," and competing on popular food shows like "Top Chef Masters" and "Chopped All-Stars," according to his website, Marcus Samuelsson Group.

Samuelsson has gone on to own a number of international restaurants, including Red Rooster in Harlem, Marcus Fish + Chop House in the Bahamas, and MARCUS Montreal according to his site. The Montreal location is definitely worth a visit, and if you do find yourself splurging on this worthy experience, Samuelsson has some recommendations.

What to order at MARCUS

His MARCUS Montreal location is in the heart of the city's Golden Square Mile inside the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel. According to its website, the restaurant's aim is to serve traditional brasserie food through a modern lens.

While there's a lot to love on the menu, Samuelsson told Forbes about a few of his recommendations. One of his top picks, according to the site, for a light easy breakfast is their muesli. It comes with buffalo yogurt, red fruits, and granola, as per the MARCUS menu. He also mentions that the chia pudding with coconut milk and various fruits is a great way to start your day right.

Some of his other favorites include many of the restaurant's seafood dishes. From the roasted tiger shrimp with tomatillo, mint, and avocado to the caramelized koji portobello with basil, aji amarillo, and sour cream, chef Samuelsson explains that he loves these dishes for their lightness while still providing good energy throughout the day, per Forbes. MARCUS's seafood fare is available at dinnertime along with sides like truffle fries and caviar or a yuzu fruit tart for dessert (via MARCUS menu).

If you ever find yourself in Montreal with hunger pain, you can try out MARCUS for anything from an early brunch to a late-night cocktail.