Which Thanksgiving Food Do You Enjoy Cooking Most? - Exclusive Survey

On November 1, 2022, rising from a candy stupor and picking leaves from their hair, groggy civilians sleepily switched on their coffee pots. And while waiting for life's IV to finish brewing, they casually scrolled their social media feeds to find that the anticipatory screams for Halloween were unceremoniously replaced those of Happy Holidays. Though PSLs and actual pumpkins were rolled out as early as August, now is their time to shine as recipes for Thanksgiving foods are dusted off so they can soon intertwine with football games and Black Friday.

Some have likely already begun planning for their Thanksgiving favorites — snagging fried onions for the green bean casserole early and redeeming grocery store points for their turkeys. Tasting Table asked just over six hundred readers what Thanksgiving foods they enjoyed cooking the most. While we can assume 100% of respondents enjoy eating it, preparing these family favorites is half the fun of the Thanksgiving holiday.

Turkey is king

Getting kids to eat green beans is hard, and apparently, dressing them up with cream of mushroom and fried onions doesn't change matters. Not only is green bean casserole American's second least favorite side according to Today, it's also our readers' least favorite dish to make. Only 10% of those polled enjoyed making green bean casserole. To our surprise, only 3% more (or 79 respondents) claim they enjoy making pumpkin pie the most. 

Stuffing (16.5%), macaroni and cheese (17.5%), and mashed potatoes (18.5%) came in very close as our readers' favorite dishes to prepare. It isn't a surprise that mashed potatoes are a top choice, as Better Homes and Gardens says they are a favorite on American Thanksgiving tables. It's the time of year when we can indulge in all these carby delights all at the same time, and not feel the least bit bad about it.

But, all these starchy sides are really only nobles in a courtroom playing to the king. Of the 601 readers polled, 24% most enjoy cooking the turkey on Thanksgiving. And whether they shove it in the oven legs first or upside down, the numbers are in, and turkey reigns supreme.