Stouffer's Is Giving Away A Peculiar Lasagna-Flavored Bloody Mary Mix

Stouffer's frozen dinners have been a mealtime staple for decades, and a few bites can bring on a nostalgic feeling for many. The brand has been serving up its classic comfort foods since 1924, according to its website, and its just-bake meals have been fueling consumers ever since. Whether your go-to frozen meal is the brand's macaroni and cheese, a simple chicken parmesan, or the iconic family-sized lasagna, there's usually something for everyone.

And, if you do happen to be a fan of the classic lasagna, you may be in luck — maybe — as Stouffer's is branching out into cocktails, specifically Bloody Marys. A type of savory cocktail, Bloody Marys have been topped with all manner of food items from pizza to chicken wings to cheeseburgers, and now Stouffer's is adding lasagna flavor to the mix, literally. This holiday season lasagna-infused Bloody Marys will be the next brunch trend, as Stouffer's has announced the release of their own lasagne-inspired Bloody Marys mix.

Would you try a lasagna-flavored cocktail?

This new, one-of-a-kind product is sure to divide cocktail lovers. This is the brand's first Bloody Mary mix release, and it has already garnered quite a buzz. As Thrillist notes there's little not to love about comforting lasagna that also gets you drunk.

Stouffer's brand and marketing manager Megan McLaughlin spoke to the outlet about the company's decision to release the product saying, "For decades, Stouffer's Lasagna has had a special place at holiday tables ... This season, we created a new way for our fans to enjoy the same classic Stouffer's Lasagna taste without turning on the oven."

And, don't worry, you won't have to break your Christmas budget to snag this great stocking stuffer this season, as the brand has announced they will be giving these bottles away for free. That's right, starting at 12 p.m. EST on Wednesday, November 14 the bottle will go up exclusively on the Stouffer's online store, according to Food and Wine. While supplies last, you can grab a mix, which will ship along with a recipe card and coupon.

Currently, their website is just showing a "check back soon" message, but if you want to have a chance of grabbing a free bottle, make sure you're refreshing the page on November 14.