Starbucks Iconic Red Cups Are Returning For The 2022 Holiday Season

Soon it'll be looking a lot like Christmas. Starbucks will launch its winter holiday menu on November 3, 2022, and it'll have you returning to the coffee chain for old favorites and new concoctions to delight coffee drinkers seeking to sip something festive. Not only does this year mark the 20th anniversary of the introduction of the Starbucks Peppermint Mocha, but it also happens to be the 25th year since Starbucks began serving holiday beverages in cups designed to celebrate the season.

According to the company's website, beginning in 1997, Starbucks unveiled new cups to delight customers with a little holiday cheer, and the designer of the very first-holiday cup, Sandy Nelson explains their significance, saying, "What's happened now in popular culture is that the appearance of the red cup signals to people that it's time to celebrate the holidays." 

Though the cup Nelson designed wasn't red, its gift-wrapping-inspired hues of magenta, sapphire, emerald, and purple made such an impact in Starbucks shops that the tradition has continued, with new designs created for each year. The 2022 holiday cup designs have been revealed, and we have the skinny latte.

2022 will see four new Starbucks holiday cup designs

The creative director for the Starbucks holiday season, Gary Jacobson, Starbucks creative director for this year's holiday campaign, understands why the coffee chain's holiday cups have resonated with customers. He said, "Looking back at all the years of holiday cups, you can see the commitment to design and artistry and all things handcrafted." 

This year promises to be no exception, with four new designs featuring a palette of holiday red, Starbucks green, and icy mint green. The warm and welcoming holiday vibe is enhanced by motifs of sparkles, ribbons, ornaments, and snowflakes, as well as a gift tag printed on each cup.

For Starbucks fans who prefer to brew their own, there's a new holiday flavor of coffee available this year, full of warm gingerbread spices that make each sip evocative of freshly baked cookies, as well as a new line of cheerful holiday merch, including cool textures, sparkly bling, and even color-changing features. All the holiday designs and flavors are meant to spread seasonal cheer, according to Gary Jacobson. He explained, "Whatever we can touch, we wanted to make sure that we make someone's day a little bit brighter in a holiday way."