General Mills Is Getting In On The Mini Trend By Shrinking Its Classic Cereals

For years miniature things have been trending, especially in food. According to Vogue, the idea of absurdly small food originated in Japan, where tiny food represents cuteness. While being cute is also enticing to Americans, feelings of nostalgia are also brought up with tiny food. Memories of doll houses or Easy Bake Ovens flood people's thoughts when seeing these trends. Videos featuring tiny food have exploded on the internet over the past few years — enthusiasts and creators have even made mini ovens warmed by tea lights (via Delish).

While some have taken this tiny food trend to the extreme at home, small versions of food products are now being mass-produced, like General Mills' new line of mini cereals (per a press release shared with Tasting Table). While the company has turned its cereals into oatmeal before, this is a bit of a simpler alteration. Believing that some of the best new innovations can come from the "smallest" changes, General Mills is hopping on the mini train with a few of its most popular cereals. 

Smaller bites, same big flavor

Trix, REESE'S PUFFS, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch are the lucky three General Mills cereals to be hit with the shrink ray, according to a press release shared with Tasting Table. The new line of mini cereals will feature small, round cereals inspired by the growing obsessions of all things mini. 

While the mini Cinnamon Toast Crunch will differ in shape from its larger square version, General Mills promises the classic cinnamon sugar taste. The minis will be available this fall at select retailers nationwide and full-sized boxes will be $3.99. While General Mills has only announced these three flavors, the brand has teased that more small-sized big things may be coming soon.

Interestingly, this is not the first time General Mills created a mini-sized cereal. In 2016, the company released its first new cereal in 15 years when it introduced Tiny Toast. The original iteration of the cereal didn't last on shelves for too long, but it's since been rebranded as Blueberry and Strawberry Toast Crunch for increased brand recognition (via Biz Journals). Now, the former Tiny Toast — shaped like small slices of bread — will fit in especially well next to this line of teeny-tiny cereals.