Totchos: A Staple Snack That Combines The Best Of Two Bar Foods

Enjoying some greasy bar food could be beneficial during a night out of drinking. According to Spoon University, the fat from the food will line your stomach a little longer, slowing the absorption of alcohol. The site notes that while greasy food does sound delicious after you've had a couple of drinks, it might be best to eat beforehand. If the alcohol is already in your bloodstream, the grease won't help, and the added salt could dehydrate you.

The next time you hit the pub on a night out but want to avoid a hangover the following day, try to eat something more filling before you begin drinking — like totchos. Totchos are, as the name implies, a combination of two of the most popular comfort foods: tater tots and nachos. The two dishes can often be found in bars separately (via CTV News and Webstaurant Store), but this dish could satisfy that double craving in one bite.

Tater tots and totchos were born from the same state

Totchos were invented in Portland, Oregon, by Jim Parker, a journalist turned pub owner at Oaks Bottom Public House (via Oregon Live). In 2006, Parker was coming up with new menu items at Oaks Bottom and came up with the idea for the appetizer while drinking with his coworkers one night. Though they were less than thrilled with the idea, Parker insisted on adding it to the menu, and it soon became a hit.

The idea for the appetizer came to Parker thanks to a childhood craving. He reportedly never had tater tots when he was a child and became slightly obsessed with them as an adult. According to Eater, Tater tots were invented in Oregon in the 1950s, so it's fitting that totchos were created in the same state. Parker was less than passionate about nachos, stating that he hated the soggy chips once they were made. Once his totchos had become a fan favorite, other Portland restaurants took note and added different versions to their menus.

They can be customized to your preference

As with nachos, it is easy to customize totchos to your personal preference when making them. The original Oaks Bottom Public House totchos start, of course, with a base of tater tots, which are then topped with cheddar and jack cheeses, tomatoes, onions, black olives, and jalapenos before being finished off with salsa and sour cream (via Oregon Live).

Totchos have even made their way to Disney World – Woody's Lunch Box in the Hollywood Studios Park serves "potato barrels" with chili, cheese, queso, and tomatoes, topped with sour cream, green onions, and crushed corn chips for an added crunch. A plant-based version is also available, safe for those with a vegan diet.

If you would prefer to make your own at home, there are a variety of recipes to kick off your totcho journey. Betty Crocker's recipe turns the dish into a casserole, adding beans, taco seasoning, and ground beef to the mix for a heartier bite. If you're looking for more spice, sub your usual beef with chorizo, per Hempler's.