What Happened To Jimmy Fallon's Other Ben & Jerry's Flavor?

Ben & Jerry's The Tonight Dough is sheer perfection in a pint. Packed with chocolate chip cookie dough, peanut butter cookie dough, and a chocolate cookie swirl, this drool-worthy chocolate and caramel ice cream is delicious and benefits a good cause –- the flavor partners with SeriousFun Children's Network, an organization that helps children with serious illnesses, (via Ben & Jerry's). It became a best seller for Ben & Jerry's, and a non-dairy version was subsequently launched in 2021, according to Veg Out Mag.

The Tonight Dough was created with television host Jimmy Fallon and was inspired by his talk show "The Tonight Show." But did you know it was actually Fallon's second attempt at a winning Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor? Before he became the host of "The Tonight Show," Fallon hosted "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" for six years, which won two Primetime Emmys during his tenure (via IMDB). This era inspired his partnership with Ben & Jerry's to create Late Night Snack, a vanilla ice cream with salted caramel swirls and fudge-covered potato chip clusters, according to Yahoo. While the combination sounds exciting, the story of what happened to Late Night Snack is as sad as a fallen scoop of ice cream.

Fallon's first flavor got left behind

Salty-sweet desserts are often a winning combination, which Ben & Jerry's knows full well –- their Netflix & Chill'd pints feature sweet and salty pretzel swirls, and their Glampfire Trail Mix boasts chocolate ice cream with crunchy pretzel swirls. Also a salty-sweet delight, Late Night Snack was originally created for the late-night munchies, according to Huffington Post, which also happened to coincide with the time "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" aired. The flavor was inspired by a "Late Night" skit in which an original song, "Ladysmith Snack Mambazo," was performed about Ben & Jerry's ice cream, reports Niagara Frontier Publications.

According to Ben & Jerry's, when Fallon left "Late Night" and moved on to "The Tonight Show" in 2014, the ice cream company saw an opportunity to leave Late Night Snack in the dust and work with Fallon on a new flavor. It's been a slow fade out, as Late Night Snack isn't officially part of the Ben & Jerry's Flavor Graveyard of discontinued pints. But it fizzled out after almost four years, and as a company rep told Yahoo in 2014, "It is pretty unlikely there is any left on the shelves at this point." However, there is a shred of hope for potato chip ice cream lovers, as Late Night Snack can still be seen on Instacart. Or, you can ditch the flavor entirely like Fallon and Ben & Jerry's did and move on to its successor, The Tonight Dough.