What Makes Artesian Water Special?

The conversations about water are never-ending. There are reports that tell us to think twice about drinking water at restaurants, equating it to "toilet water" per the Daily Mail. Some question if bottled water is worth the price, specifically when a consumer spends $9.50 on single-serve bottles for the equivalent of a gallon (via Business Insider). And still, there are others that need to know if it is safe to drink water from plastic bottles. Yet we definitely have a propensity for this packaged product because Consumer Reports shared Americans spent $31 billion in 2018 on bottled water.

Is bottled water better than tap water? That's the multi-billion dollar question that keeps outlets like Consumer Reports writing articles about this trendy beverage that has the endorsement of celebrities. Just look at Jennifer Aniston and Gal Gadot promoting Smart Water (via Today). Bottled water is everywhere and everyone is drinking and talking about it.

Companies like Coca-Cola and Pepsi are leading the pack with their Dasani and Aquafina brands when it comes to these bottled water makers, per Zippia. However, to complicate these conversations, bottled water has become a little more sophisticated over the years. Their variety is seemingly endless with additions like artesian bottled water to our grocery store shelves. What is artesian water and what makes it so special?

It's all about the source

Artesian water sounds artsy and complicated, but it's actually not. While the U.S. Geological Survey is quick to point out that artesian water is really no different from regular groundwater, cheerleaders of this water explain how it is sourced really differentiates it from other waters.

According to the Water Filter Guru, what allows water to be dubbed "artesian" centers around where the spring water is sourced, specifically from "underground aquifers." This simply means the water "rises to the surface naturally." 

But what makes it special? Well, Quora users say it is nothing more than the bottle it comes in and the high price that makes artesian water unique. But Water Filter Guru goes on to share that artesian water doesn't only come with a high price tag, artesian water companies claim artesian water is filtered "naturally" as it makes it way through a "high-pressure journey through porous material."

Water Filter Guru states that artesian water may have some health benefits due to its high mineral content, with calcium, fluoride, and electrolytes. However, drinking artesian water exclusively may not be the best idea. The site reveals not all artesian water sources are created equal with some offering less than "quality" water. In addition, Healthline points out that there's no evidence that bottled water is typically healthier than tap water — although it's certainly more expensive.