The Freezer Hack That Will Give You The Ultimate Gooey Brownies

Brownies are a dessert staple. This chocolate, gooey confection, whether its made from scratch or a convenient boxed brownie mix, is a celebratory favorite and perfect for the school bake sale. In 2020, Statista reported 166.8 million Americans were breaking-out their mixers and spatulas to whip up dry brownie mixes. What is it about brownies that's so mesmerizing for our taste buds? Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream and nirvana starts to settle in. Reveal a tip to get the perfect cracked brownie top and the forks come out to give your sheet pan of chocolate goodness a sample.

But as Food 52 notes, as beloved as brownies might be, everyone seems to have their preference when it comes to making and eating them. The food site went on to share some people prefer a more cake-like brownie, other's a fudge texture, and still others want their brownies to crumble. And don't get us started about the frosting, no frosting brownie debate (via Influenster) because for the record, it depends on the brownie. However, when it comes to the viral TikTok freezer hack that will give you the ultimate gooey brownies, there's no way the average brownie lover isn't going to at least contemplate trying it.

Plan for at least an hour of freezer time

Per a TikTok post that has received over 1.8 million likes and a lot of chitter chatter, freezing a layer of Biscoff and Nutella is the game changing hack for ooey gooey brownies you've been waiting for. As the TikToker demonstrates in this viral hack, the voiceover says, "I tried the viral brownie hack where you freeze a layer of Biscoff and Nutella and add it to the brownie." Why would you freeze these ingredients? The social media influencer explained, "By freezing the layers it means it goes nice and gooey instead of going caramelized and burnt like when you add it at room temp! The verdict was that they were the best brownies that my friends had ever had. You have to try!"

Well, Kitchn took up the challenge and concurs this is a trick worth trying. The tester shared freezing the two layers of these decadent spreads in similarly sized squares on parchment paper is key so they fit right on top of one another. The freezing process will take at least an hour, so be patient. Once they are frozen solid and you have your brownie mix made, you can layer these frozen spreads into your pan of brownie mix before baking.