Target Is Partnering With Marks & Spencer To Bring UK Holiday Flair Stateside

Holiday shopping is about to get significantly more posh. Fans of the British retailer Marks & Spencer will be pleased to know that Target has just announced a limited edition partnership with the brand. Delivering festive flair from abroad, Target will launch several items both in stores and online on November 16, per Better Homes & Gardens.

Call it love or call it an obsession, imported foodstuffs are attractive to consumers, thanks to our ever growing curiosity and the element of exclusivity. This scarcity coupled with a temporary availability only draws shoppers in further. According to Mako Design, the get-it-while-you-can sales tactic plays on the product's rarity and incite shopper excitement in the process. 

"By joining forces with an iconic brand like Marks & Spencer, we're bringing our guests amazing products and giving them another reason to turn to Target for the moments of joy that make the holidays special," explained Rick Gomez, Target's Executive Vice President and Chief Food and Beverage Officer (via Food & Wine).

Decorative and tasty treats for everyone on your list

Founded in 1884, Better Homes & Gardens explains that Marks & Spencer is one of the largest retail outlets in Britain offering clothing, beauty, and homeware. Specializing also in food and drink (and how to gift it), a holiday collaboration with Target makes sense. 

Appealing to America's Anglophiles and giving them the chance to gift like a true Brit, Target's exclusive collection of Marks & Spencer treats and beverages will feature 15 ultra festive items, all under $30. Shoppers can expect to see chocolates, biscuits, and a range of warm beverages, all which boast packaging that's almost too beautiful to open. In addition to caramel-filled chocolate pinecones, tins of shortbread cookies, and iconic Percy Pig merch — think: Biscuit tin, piggy pank, and fruit-flavored pennies — there are also a few other much-anticipated items.

Boasting awe-inspiring light-up displays, items like the snow-dusted confections in Santa's Magical Light Up Chocolate Workshop showcase a glowing scene inside the lid. Metallic light-up lanterns storing shortbread, tea, and hot chocolate are also sure to dazzle. Some items even play music like the Gingerbread Musical House Tin, filled with spiced gingerbread men. 

If you're instead looking for something slightly less festive and significantly more British, there's also a biscuit tin shaped like a double-decker London bus — there's something for everyone!