Alton Brown's Fridge Is So Chaotic He Almost Didn't Show It To Fans

Even the most organized among us have fallen behind on fridge upkeep, bracing themselves for whatever might come rolling out once we dare to crack the doors open. Whether you are dealing with an abundance of leftovers or a quickly closing window on fresh foods, an overstuffed fridge can be overwhelming. Alton Brown is here to let us know that celebrity chefs are just like us by giving us a peek into the hot mess that is his refrigerator on his YouTube channel. He even offers some tips on tackling a frenzied fridge.

In 2020, Alton Brown and his wife, Elizabeth Ingram, posted an impromptu live stream of them cooking at home during the pandemic-induced lockdown, aptly naming the bit "Quarantine Quitchen." Fans enjoyed seeing the popular chef in a more casual setting, and the couple decided to invite followers into their kitchen on a regular basis. "QQ" devotees enjoy the witty banter between Brown and his wife as they cook new and old recipes, and some say that it's even better than his Food Network shows.

It's always entertaining to see a professional chef out in the wild. Even at home, Alton shows off his culinary prowess by providing creative and helpful recipes without prep cooks or scripts. In this episode (via YouTube), he allows viewers a glimpse into his unedited and overstocked home refrigerator and dishes out some ideas on emptying it in the tastiest ways.

A mixed grill empties out a full fridge

We've all shopped hungry and over-purchased eye-catching fare with the best of intentions. Days later, it's a mad dash to consume a fridge full of neglected food in one sitting before taking the walk of shame to the trash can. Alton Brown blames his overflowing fridge on a busy travel schedule in this episode of "Quarantine Quitchen" and shows viewers how to avoid food waste by throwing together a mixed grill.

After explaining that he's been traveling, Brown hesitantly opens his refrigerator doors, giving viewers a glimpse of his fridge brimming with leftovers, veggies on their last leg, various proteins, and mystery food containers tucked into every cranny. As a horrified screaming sound effect punctuates the moment, he grabs a delicata squash, corn on the cob, a head of cabbage, pork, andouille sausages, and some fresh herbs on their way out.

Brown oils and grills the veggies and sausages all together, removing quick-charring items like cabbage and corn, followed by the squash and later the pork and sausages. Fresh herbs always seem on the verge of going bad, so Brown smartly suggests making a rustic-style fresh chimichurri sauce that brings a fresh, herbal flare to the array of good food that almost went bad. A quick kiss from the grill can take an overabundance of food from madness to mouthwatering, leaving your fridge emptier and your stomach full.