The Padma Lakshmi-Approved Chutneys You Need On Your Next Charcuterie Board - Exclusive

Your in-laws, great-uncles, and distant second cousins are about to knock on your door — or, perhaps, you are about to knock on theirs. With Thanksgiving, followed by Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza and New Year, you're unlikely to survive the upcoming season without a gathering or three. Grinch, cringe, or rejoice — it won't change a thing. One magic trick might: food.

"To me, a good party consists of a good guest list and a good menu with many dishes that you can make ahead and heat up so you're not stressed," said "Top Chef" and "Taste The Nation" host Padma Lakshmi during an exclusive Tasting Table interview. "Also, have some things that the guests can help you make — like a salad, or put out a charcuterie board." 

Think of Lakshmi as your dinner party therapist. There is no one you'd rather have on your side when things get thorny. While you may or may not have control over your invitees, and Lakshmi is unlikely to show up at your next gathering to soothe anxiety, the culinary connoisseur can gift you the next best thing: chutney suggestions.

Two Padma Lakshmi-approved chutneys for entertaining

Lakshmi chose these chutneys to pair with Boursin; she's Maison Boursin's Host in Residence throughout 2022. Take or leave the cheese. Definitely accept her chutney wisdom. "A great chutney that I would pair with Boursin is if you like spicy food, I make a chutney with dried Angelino plums, which are red. They're not prunes," Lakshmi specified to Tasting Table. "I mix that with a couple of chipotle peppers in adobo and grind it, and you put a little olive oil to make it mix. That's hot and sweet. If you add a little lemon juice to it, it's also tart. Those are my favorite things to have together."

If some on your guest list can't tolerate spice, Lakshmi has an alternate suggestion. "Another one is an onion and balsamic and black pepper chutney that you cook down and down and down until it's almost pasty," she suggested. "You chop onions or shallots also and use a little butter [or] olive oil to sauté that very slowly, add black pepper, add a pinch of salt to taste. To that, you're going to add some balsamic, and you're going to reduce that all together. It's super concentrated."

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