Ben & Jerry's Chubby Hubby Flavor Started Out As A Lie

If you've ever had an ice cream craving, the chances are high that you've likely reached for a pint of Ben & Jerry's in the supermarket's frozen foods section. Even if you haven't tried Ben & Jerry's you're probably familiar with some of their flavors since many of them have fun names, some of which are based on cultural references, such as The Tonight Dough and Cherry Garcia. One of the most iconic flavors created by the Vermont-based ice cream company is Chubby Hubby. Out of nearly 40 options, Thrillist ranked it as their thirteenth favorite flavor choice. 

Chubby Hubby's yumminess may be rooted in its ingredients. The flavor has a vanilla malt ice cream base, with pretzels, peanut butter, and fudge. Although it is now one of their most recognized varieties, the Chubby Hubby origin story is based on a prank, according to Ben & Jerry's. The ice cream maker's website further details that the flavor's history is rooted in an office joke towards a colleague. 

A trick turned iconic flavor

The flavor came about when two office workers decided to pull a practical joke on their colleague who was obsessed with the ice cream maker. The tricksters told their coworker that there was a new flavor out called Chubby Hubby. Of course, the flavor didn't exist at the time of the practical joke. The pranksters ended up feeling guilty about their trick, so they whipped up a batch of the ice cream themselves and presented it to their colleague.

They later sent a letter to Ben & Jerry's where they dished about the practical joke and the flavor they'd made up called Chubby Hubby. As outlined by Mashed, when Ben & Jerry's found out about the practical joke and the combination of flavors in Chubby Hubby, they decided to make it themselves. The flavor has been around for over three decades now and with its overwhelming popularity, it will probably stay in production for years to come.