The Boozy Way To Use Up Leftover Halloween Candy

With 67% of Americans planning to hand out candy in 2022 for Halloween, according to the National Retail Federation, there is sure to be a lot of the sweet stuff lying around. But what happens a day or two after the kids filled their bags while out trick-or-treating, once they've selected their favorites from the Halloween booty and leaf lots of odds and ends of the less desirable candy? Before you toss the lot into the trash or bury them in the back of the cupboard to sit forgotten, consider transforming that candy from unwanted into something much desired.

If you're interested in creating something the whole family can enjoy, you can always repurpose your candy into another type of sweet to shake things up and help you kinds see those leftover Halloween hard candies in a new light. But not everything has to be about the kids, sometimes adults deserve a special treat just for them.

Infuse your booze with candy

A great way to transform the leftover Halloween candy into a special treat for adults? Alcohol. Whether you use your best liquor or some odds and ends just sitting in your liquor cabinet, you can transform the candy into a delicious and boozy treat.

Though the easiest way may be to soak some gummy treats in a bowl with Everclear, Thrillist says there are much better pairings. Gummy bears or worms are best combined with vodka or tequila. When choosing a tequila, Thrillist advises going with one that has a crisp and citrus flavor, such as a blanco. Sour Patch Kids might seem like a challenging candy to pair with liquor, but the outlet explains the tart candy goes wonderfully with rye whiskey. To infuse your gummy candy with vodka or other spirits, simply put candy in a 3-quart baking dish or mason jar with the spirit and refrigerate (via Allrecipes). 

But you don't have to have gummy candy on hand to infuse alcohol. Betty Crocker explains fruit-flavored chewy candies (think Skittles, Starburst, or Laffy Taffy) will also work. Or for something a little spicier, Tasting Table has a cocktail recipe made with cinnamon candy-infused bourbon.