The Type Of Desserts That Turn Out The Best On The Grill

Certain desserts lend themselves best to certain cooking methods. Chocolate chip cookies are best baked on a cookie sheet in the oven. Meringues are cooked low and slow to prevent cracking. Ice cream doesn't even need to be cooked to be enjoyed. Just grab a spoon, lock away your guilt, and enjoy straight from the carton — which everyone knows is the only real way to eat ice cream. Still, most desserts, everything from pies and cakes to brownies, are commonly thrown in the oven and baked. This is because the oven, when set at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, provides a steady, consistent temperature that allows for timely cooking without burning, per Bake School.

Grilling, on the other hand, is a bit more nuanced. There's direct heat versus indirect heat. Searing versus charing versus smoking, the list is endless. You can essentially cook anything on the grill. Some people even prefer the grill as it can coax out flavors in ways a conventional oven simply can't, according to Napoleon. But when it comes to desserts, there are certain types that lend themselves better to the grill than others.

High-fat desserts mean good grilled desserts

When it comes to throwing desserts on the grill there are two factors to keep in mind — grilling method and dessert type. According to Food & Wine, you want to grill your dessert over indirect heat as it is the closest to the oven's atmosphere. This is achieved by diffusing the heat in such a way that the grill behaves similarly to the middle rack of the oven, allowing for even cooking without burning the exterior of your dessert. 

The other key is to make sure that whatever dessert you grill is high in fat. Desserts like cobblers, bread pudding, pies, pound cakes, and brownies are perfect for the grill. The high levels of fat incorporated help the dessert absorb the flavors of the grill while also helping them to cook more evenly. Heavy use of butter will not only help bring fatty, creamy notes to the dessert but will also grease the cooking vessel — preferably cast iron — so that your dessert will be easily removable. Not to mention it makes for a rather dramatic and entertaining presentation to serve a dessert, hot and bubbling, out of the glowing inferno of the grill. Something to consider the next time you have company over.