The Extravagant Menu Served At King Charles And Princess Diana's Wedding

After King Charles and Princess Diana revealed they would marry, the world anticipated their wedding with bated breath. And when the procession did eventually take place, we doubt that anyone was disappointed because the monarchy spared no expense in giving the two a ceremony for the history books.

According to People, the ceremony for the then Prince of Wales and the soon-to-be-princess cost what today would be the equivalent of $156 million. Of course, this incredible sum covered the wedding venue (Britain's iconic St. Paul's cathedral) and the ivory silk dress featuring ten thousand pearls the princess donned as she walked down the aisle. However, a large part of this astounding cost was spent on the menu for the highly anticipated day. 

While King Charles usually dines modestly with simple dishes like fruit and organic eggs, his wedding to Princess Diana featured an arrangement of foods worthy of a king. From the main course of savory brill to countless cakes, here's everything the wedding guests had the pleasure of dining on.

A look inside the wedding menu

According to HuffPost, royal wedding dishes are historically French-influenced and feature entrées named after the bride and groom — and the royal couple's opulent wedding spread held to this longstanding tradition. In fact, all of the couple's dishes were French-based. The main courses included Quenelles de Barbue Cardinal, a quenelle of brill doused with lobster sauce, and Suprême de Volaille Princess de Galles, a chicken breast filled with lamb mousse named after the Princess of Wales. As for sides, guests could munch on fèves au beurre (butter beans), maïs à la crème (cream of corn), pommes nouvelles (new potatoes), and salade (salad). Cheat Sheet reports that the wedding party rounded out their meal by dining on fraises (strawberries) mixed with crème caillée (clotted cream). However, that was far from the only sweet on the royal wedding's dessert table.

The same outlet reports that Princess Diana and King Charles' final course featured 20 different cakes to taste test. Though the royal couple's official wedding cake, a towering fruit cake that recently had a slice of it sold at a bargain price, was a confection guests likely had no choice but to make room for. But after finishing up their section of the ceremony's centerpiece, we're sure the couple was ready for a royal nap.