You May Soon Be Able To Make Restaurant Reservations On DoorDash

According to the company's creators, DoorDash was founded on a simple mission — deliver food for restaurants that would otherwise struggle to bring orders to their customers' doorsteps (per Business of Business). Now, nine years have passed since the app debuted (via Forbes) and the delivery service's profits continue to soar. In fact, according to Business of Apps, a little under half (45%) of 2020's total food delivery orders were handed off by DoorDash drivers. However, DoorDash isn't just focused on delivering food from restaurants anymore.

CNET reports that 2020 was also the same year that the popular app started delivering groceries to its customers' homes. And now the company is once again trying out another way to expand its food services. However, this time, it seems DoorDash's possible new feature has nothing to do with straight-to-your-door delivery. In fact, Expedite News reports that users of the app may soon be able to skip making a restaurant reservation via phone call in favor of booking a table directly on DoorDash. 

DoorDash has set it sights on the world of online restaurant reservations

According to Expedite News, while DoorDash did not advertise the possible new feature, the company officially confirmed that it is testing out an option that will let customers make online restaurant reservations through the app. However, Restaurant Dive noted that New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago seem to be the only locations where the pilot has launched.

Both outlets report that if those who are able to access the in-progress feature simply click on the "Reservations" option, they will be given a list of local restaurants at which they can book a party. After choosing a restaurant, customers can then see what times are open to reserve. Once a user confirms the number of people in their party and their reservation time, DoorDash will then provide them with directions on how to get to their restaurant of choice.

Restaurant Dive reports that the new feature seems to be thanks to a team-up between DoorDash and SevenRooms – a hospitality company that has long been helping restaurants manage their bookings with its online reservation software. However, the company has been just as silent as DoorDash about their potential business partnership. Of course, if the test run proves to be fruitful, you may soon be able to order food and book an otherwise tough restaurant reservation with only one app.