Is It Possible To Cook Salmon In The Toaster Oven?

In the 1990 film "The Rookie," Clint Eastwood declares, "If you want a guarantee, buy a toaster." He's not wrong — we rely on our toasters for everyday uses, like making toast or bagels. But rarely do we use it for more gourmet dishes. Typically, salmon is made in the oven or on the stovetop, and there are endless recipes that offer suggestions on how to flavor the fish. 

Allrecipes suggests that pan-frying and pan-searing are the quickest and simplest ways to make salmon for a weeknight meal, and good methods to get the skin nice and crispy. Roasting salmon filets in a baking dish in the oven, on the other hand, produces a succulent fish that requires less constant attention and has the added advantage of allowing you to cook more filets at the same time (via The New York Times). Broiling, also recommended by The New York Times, creates a tasty crust to the top of the salmon, making it unnecessary to turn the fish over. Even Stephen King offers his own (albeit scary) approach to cooking salmon, which basically amounts to wrapping it in damp paper towels and nuking it in the microwave for 3 minutes! However, salmon lovers will be surprised to learn that not only can this fish be cooked in a different, unexpected kitchen appliance, but may in fact be even better than all the other more traditional methods.

How to do it

Food & Wine claims that "toaster oven salmon is the unexpected non-recipe recipe that we need in our lives." Using a toaster offers several distinct advantages. For starters, it is done in a few minutes, and without filling up the apartment with that fishy smell (via Serious Eats). In addition, by not using an oven, you avoid heating up your place, which will be appreciated by those of us without air conditioning (per Food & Wine). It can also free up your oven for other dishes when your entertaining guests. Many top chefs insist that cooking with a toaster is their preferred method for salmon: According to The Kitchn, Eric Ripert, chef of the three-Michelin-star restaurant Le Bernardin agrees that the best way to cook a juicy fish filet is in the toaster oven.

Joe Gurrera of seafood market Citarella in New York prefers to use a toaster, and because of salmon's natural flavor, thinks it suffices to add olive oil, salt, and pepper. For more complexity, a mix of sake, soy sauce, and oil not only gives it a savory taste, but helps the fish retain moisture (per Serious Eats). The entire operation takes only 10 minutes. A toaster also allows you to use sauces without burning the fish or leaving it undercooked (via Good Salmon Recipes).

Imagine the shock and awe of your guests when they bite into a perfectly cooked salmon after snubbing their nose at the idea of using a toaster oven!