Kerala-Style Egg Curry Is The Perfect Way To Spice Up Your Day

The humble egg is a versatile ingredient that is incredibly edible on its own but truly shines when combined with other flavors. The white of an egg offers a unique texture with a mild taste that serves as a foundation for many flavors, and the rich yolk brings its smooth, buttery essence to every dish it meets. They're an ideal medium for featuring bold spices, and Serious Eats suggests combining eggs with an aromatic and piquant South Indian curry to kick your next meal up a notch.

Hailing from the coastal Indian state of Kerala, this spicy egg curry dish features the sharp flavors of curry and bold spices, which are the region's signature flavors. According to Spoon University, Northern Indian food traditionally features spices combined with dairy products like ghee, yogurt, and paneer cheese that create a milder fare typically served with wheat-based bread like naan and roti. Little India notes that Kerala's cuisine often features more tropical dishes commonly combined with coconut milk and served with rice and lentils. The spices are a bit bolder as you make your way south, and Kerala's cuisine is gaining popularity with those who aren't afraid of stronger flavors.

Although many Indian dishes are vegetarian, eggs tend to be a gray area, and diners sometimes loosen diet restrictions to enjoy a flavorful egg dish (per Serious Eats). Many people are open to making room for a Kerala-style egg curry's undeniable flavors and textures.

Make it bold and spicy or creamy and mild

If you've grown weary of a simple scramble and are so over omelets, a Kerala-style egg curry is an ideal way to take your egg dish to the next level. Flavor and preparation options abound with this dish, and it can be made to suit your texture and heat preferences. There are many variations of Kerala-style egg curry, but its one constant is the bold and spicy flavor profile that is sure to please a bored palate.

My Food Story calls Kerala egg curry a go-to dish when the weather turns colder, as the intense spice from curry leaves, green chilies, and mustard seeds combined with cardamom, cinnamon, and coriander warm you up with each bite. The hard-boiled egg here calls for a slightly soft yolk to add a creamy element to the spicy curry sauce made milder with cooling coconut milk and tamarind water.

Serious Eats suggests a spicier curry gravy that cuts out the coconut milk and bumps up the seasoning with the addition of cumin, turmeric, and a garlic-ginger paste. A hard-boiled egg gets added texture from a quick pan-frying that creates a delectable golden crust before being finished in the curry. If you're missing the creaminess from the coconut milk, poach your egg in the curry and gain richness from the runny yolk. Serve with rice or lentils for additional flavor and texture layers. Whether it's breakfast, lunch, or dinner, upgrade your eggs with a Kerala curry that won't disappoint.