The Dish Alton Brown's Wife Elizabeth Says Is One Of His Best

Most people are used to watching Alton Brown cook by himself on the Food Network show "Good Eats," but over on YouTube, he's joined in the kitchen by his wife Elizabeth Ingram. Though an interior designer by trade (via Distractify), Ingram often takes on the role of her husband's sous chef on their ongoing YouTube cooking show "Quarantine Quitchen" that they started back in 2020.

What originally started as an unplanned live stream of the couple cooking dinner together one night while quarantining during the pandemic, Showbiz Cheatsheet reports, ended up racking up 7,000 viewers by the end. As a result, Brown and his wife decided to make "Quarantine Quitchen" a regular thing. The laid-back format of the original live stream is carried on throughout the rest of the series, so you can see Brown cook unedited and unscripted in real time. Brown and his wife sometimes remake old recipes he covered on "Good Eats," while other times, they tackle a whole new one. One of the new recipes they made on "Quarantine Quitchen," Ingram now says is one of his all-time best (via YouTube).

Alton Brown's wife loves his tomato tart recipe

Brown has developed countless recipes for his shows and cookbooks, but it's one he made two years into "Quarantine Quitchen" that impressed his wife the most (via YouTube). "This is one of the best things we've made — you've made," Ingram proclaimed after tasting the tomato tart dish. "There's so many versions of this in the world," was Brown's humble response.

You might assume that a dish that warranted such a bold response would have to be made entirely from scratch, but Brown's tomato tart actually involves an important store-bought ingredient — frozen puff pastry dough. Once he rolls it out, he pricks it with a fork all over, then layers on crème fraîche, grated gruyere cheese, thyme, roasted tomatoes, more gruyere, sliced garlic, chopped shallot, black pepper, and more gruyere. The tart goes in the oven and gets brushed with butter and topped with pine nuts partway through. Once it's done cooking, basil and Aleppo pepper are the finishing touches, and it's ready to enjoy.