Can You Really Soften Butter Under A Hot Glass?

We've all been there: needing a quick pat of butter for a recipe and quickly pulling it from the fridge only to discover it is as hard as a rock. There's nothing more annoying than trying to spread unsoftened butter on anything. Especially if attempting the impossible task on your pancakes or toast is taking up your precious morning minutes.

The butter conditioner (you know, the little area on the inside of your fridge door) is where most people store their golden sticks, and this location is actually designed to keep the butter softer, as compared to just throwing them anywhere in the fridge. According to Ed Baker for WGBH, the reason we have a little cover that goes over our butter is to keep cold air out and keep the sticks relatively soft. However, we all know our butter still often emerges impossibly hard. But rather than playing a guessing game with the microwave or waiting for the butter to soften at room temperature, there is one trick that could efficiently soften your butter, even when you're pressed for time.

The glass hack

We all make mistakes, and we shouldn't always be punished by the baking gods each time we forget to leave a stick of butter out an hour in advance. So, for those that need a quick fix, heating up a glass and placing it over a cold stick of butter can do the trick. The internet first discovered this top tip from TikTok user, Aldentedive. And, this trick is quick, easy, and effective.

Food & Wine says the first step to this hack is to boil some water. Once boiled, pour the water into a sufficiently sized glass. It may seem obvious, but make sure you pick a glass large enough to fully cover your stick of butter. You don't want any cooler air finding a way in. Also, make sure the glass you pick is heat safe. A measuring cup, for example, will work perfectly.

Once the hot water has sat in the glass for five minutes, pour out the water and turn the glass upside down to cover your stick of butter. It should sit untouched for about 15 minutes. After this, your butter will emerge perfectly soft and spreadable. Finally, no more microwave mishaps or frustrated attempts to spread cold butter on your morning bagel.