A New Survey Finds The Most Popular Way To Eat Candy Corn

Every Halloween, grocery stores restock candy corn, reigniting the debate over the candy's status as a Halloween classic. According to USA Today, candy corn divides Americans into two camps: those who swear by the autumnal treat and those who absolutely abhor it.

Regardless of how you feel about the colorful triangles, it's undeniable that candy corn sells, though this year's prices have skyrocketed. Right now, candy corn, like many other products, costs more than it ever has; at Walmart, Brach's Candy Corn costs roughly 4.7% more than it did in 2021, notes USA Today. So if you're planning to purchase a bag for yourself, chances are that you absolutely love it.

And you're not alone. Candy corn originated in the 1880s and has since become synonymous with Halloween. The edible triangles capture the essence of October's signature holiday, creating a colorful continuity alongside orange pumpkins and Halloween decor.

To truly embrace the spirit of the season, enjoy your candy corn alongside a pumpkin spice latte or spend a cozy Saturday creating candy-filled concoctions. Festive bark uses candy corn in a unique way, so even its most avid of eaters won't get sick of it too soon.

Yet even if you've firmly settled on one side of the candy corn debate, there's another dialogue brewing. Strategies for eating candy corn are all-encompassing, with some people swearing by a color-directed method...and others opting for no technique at all.

Enjoy candy corn sporadically or methodically

Candy corn takes the form of yellow, orange, and white triangles. For the most color coordinated of candy corn fans, these triangles draw a road map for the best — most fun — eating experience. Thanks to the patterned color blocking, candy corn can be eaten methodically; candy lovers can start on one color and nibble their way toward the other two.

According to a recent survey from the National Confectioners Association, roughly 33% of candy corn lovers start on the narrow white end and work their way down (via Candy USA). In contrast, roughly 16% of people start on the wider, yellow end. This equates to nearly half of candy corn fans who prefer to eat their candy systematically.

Half of people, however, don't have any strategy whatsoever for candy corn consumption. About 51% of candy corn fans eat their candy corn in one bite, merging colors. This technique is less creative but more popular — and makes it much easier to grab candy corn by the handful.