Blue Bottle Coffee's New Instant Espresso Took 3 Years To Perfect

Making espresso at home can be a laborious endeavor — and let's face it, the results are not always what you hope they will be, especially for all of the work it takes to make that latte. However, there is good news for espresso lovers. Blue Bottle Coffee announced on October 24 that it has created an instant espresso that pleases the taste buds and takes most of the work out of making a delicious espresso beverage at home. 

Founded in 2002 in Oakland, California, Blue Bottle Coffee cafes are located around the U.S. and Asia that sell drinks made with coffee from sustainable farms. While it has found success with its cafes, Blue Bottle Coffee wants to make sure every coffee drinker has access to good-tasting espresso beverages even when they can't get to a café.

For this reason, it has created an instant espresso that will soon be available for purchase. The unveiling of Blue Bottle's instant espresso comes at a time when more people are expected to make their own coffee at home due to inflation (per World Coffee Portal). 

However, Blue Bottle's instant coffee wasn't quickly rushed to market — the company said it invested three years into research and development to make sure its instant espresso met its high standards.

Quality and convenience

Blue Bottle Coffee says it wanted to sell a product that would allow people to make one of their top-selling beverages, an iced latte, at home without swapping quality for convenience. "We were never sure we'd crack the code on instant anything at Blue Bottle Coffee, but through curiosity, imagination and tireless effort, we've crafted a product that meets our high standards," said Karl Strovink, CEO of Blue Bottle Coffee.

To make its Craft Instant Coffee, Espresso, Blue Bottle relied on its brewing expertise and in-house coffee roasting processes in order to develop a coffee product that didn't require the consumer to have experience with making an espresso beverage, according to the announcement. Benjamin Brewer, senior director of Global Innovation and Quality for Blue Bottle, said the company invested a lot of time and effort into creating an instant espresso that it would be proud of.

Two processes, extraction and drying, were at the center of development for Blue Bottle's instant espresso in order to make a product of the highest quality. The company also found a way to extend the amount of time it took to freeze-dry the coffee, which it says resulted in a beverage that has a better flavor.

Want to give Craft Instant Coffee, Espresso a try? It will be sold in Blue Bottle Coffee cafes and online starting November 7. Customers can purchase a 12-serving jar for $25, and then beginning November 28, can buy five pre-portioned single-serve sachets for $15.