The Special Story Behind Tabitha Brown's Vegan Deviled Eggs - Exclusive

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While it's true that these days, pretty much anything can be made plant-based and still be delicious, there are some recipes that may seem like they just aren't meant to be vegan. To some people, that arguably includes comforting classics like creamy mac and cheese, a loaded and layered lasagna, or the holiday gathering staple that is deviled eggs.

However, if you find yourself agreeing with this sentiment, then it's likely you haven't encountered the plant-based cooking magic that Tabitha Brown can conjure. The author, actress, and vegan food star is known to turn just about any craveable comfort food into a meat- and dairy-free phenomenon (look no further than her famous carrot bacon), all while making us smile. Now, she's sharing some of her best and most beloved vegan recipes in her new cookbook, "Cooking from the Spirit." The collection includes vegan versions of the dishes mentioned above, which hold a special place in Brown's heart.

That's particularly true of deviled eggs. The method to making Brown's vegan deviled eggs includes using pickle-brined mushrooms stuffed with a mixture of mashed chickpeas, vegan mayo, sweet relish, mustard, dill, and black salt — one of Brown's favorite hero vegan ingredients — and plenty of garlic powder, of course. Brown told Tasting Table, "It's one of my most popular recipes. It was one that did not exist anywhere in the world, and now people make it all the time." In our exclusive interview, Brown also revealed why her vegan deviled eggs recipe, which she actually calls "angel eggs," is the most meaningful recipe to her in the whole cookbook.

Tabitha Brown connects with her childhood with her vegan deviled eggs

Tabitha Brown says deviled eggs "were a staple in my childhood and as I became a mother," opening up about how important this new plant-based version has been to her on her journey into vegan cooking. Brown says this recipe means so much to her, not just because it's ingenious and delicious, but also because it connects her with her past and her family. 

"When I was little, my mom used to let me help her with the deviled eggs and I'd sprinkle the paprika on the top," Brown revealed, adding, "Then that became something that me and my daughter would do." She admitted that when she transitioned to a vegan lifestyle, "I thought I lost that. I was like, 'Wow, we'll never get to do that again,' because it was such a thing. We did it for holidays and everything."

Luckily, Brown can unlock those memories once again, thanks to an epiphany she had a few years ago. "I had a dream about this recipe, and I woke up, and I was like, 'Tab, that sounds crazy.' But in the dream it was good." So Brown did what she does best — she tested out the recipe on her social media channels, and the rest is history. "When I did it, I was like, 'Oh my God, I get to have this tradition back. I can still do this with my daughter,'" she told us. As this recipe saved her connection to her past, Brown calls them "saved eggs or angel eggs." We're willing to be that if you try them, your tastebuds will surely be in heaven.

Find this recipe and more in Tabitha Brown's new cookbook, "Cooking from the Spirit." Click here to get your copy.