The Decadent Way Ina Garten Overhauls Classic Chicken Soup

Homemade chicken noodle soup is the ultimate comfort food to warm the body and the soul on a cold day. Often dubbed "Jewish Penicillin," per Haaretz, chicken noodle soup is what moms reach for to help soothe the symptoms of the common cold when a child is sick or to serve up as a nourishing meal when she is short on time. But it's not just a maternal remedy, the New York Times reports there is scientific evidence to back-up chicken noodle soup's medicinal qualities.

When Ina Garten makes her classic chicken noodle soup, one of her hallmark ingredients is the homemade broth that serves as its base, according to an episode of her "Barefoot Contessa." Garten's recipe uses all the traditional ingredients — chopped veggies like celery and carrots, along with egg noodles and cubed or shredded chicken breast that's been roasted in the oven. The celebrity chef also takes advantage of some of her favorite herbs like parsley and dill, but nothing "too strong" like Rosemary, to really add depth and breadth to the flavor. It's the perfect dish on a cold fall day. But as perfect as this soup is, leave it to Garten to re-imagine the flavors of chicken noodle soup and create a whole new decadent recipe that may become your new "go-to" 

Just one pot needed

Ina Garten took to Instagram to give fans a "sneak peek" at her chicken noodle soup riff from her new cookbook "Go-To Dinners." The celebrity chef wrote, "Now that autumn is really here, all I want for dinner is something warm and satisfying like Chicken in a Pot with Orzo. It has all the classic chicken soup flavors plus a big pinch of saffron. It's made in one big pot and the whole house smells wonderful." She had us at one pot!

Saffron sounds like a rather unexpected addition, but it must add a beautiful taste to chicken noodle soup dishes because Martha Stewart also uses a pinch of this seasoning in her recipe. And the folks at Spice & Sunshine reveal saffron actually "enhances" a soup's "warming" properties and brings a lovely aroma along with it; however, the blog also warns a pinch is really all you need or your food will take on a bitter taste. 

Fans are definitely looking forward to trying Garten's one-pot meal with Chrissy Teigen leading the pack with her love for the post. And Laura Linney let Garten and her fanbase know Linney has already ordered her copy of "Go-To Dinners" which will hit bookstores on October 25.