Why You Shouldn't Store Nuts In The Pantry

Nuts are some of the most expensive ingredients you may keep in your kitchen, but the pantry isn't where they should be stored. This is because of their high fat content, warns Tropical Foods. To prevent nuts from becoming rancid, it's important to store them properly. And when you consider the cost of purchasing nuts, it's important to store them correctly, so you don't waste money.

The most expensive nut, according to Money Inc., is the macadamia nut, which can cost about $25 per pound, making it the most expensive nut in the world. A component of pesto, pine nuts are the second most expensive, with a price tag of $23 per pound. Other common nuts used for baking, cooking, and munching are almonds at about $14 per pound, cashews at about $9 per pound, and walnuts at about $8.50 per pound. Money Inc. explains that one common reason why all of these nuts carry such a hefty price tag is that it takes sometimes up to a decade for a nut tree to mature and start producing nuts. Considering the cost of buying almonds for your almond brittle, you want to ensure any new nuts are appropriately stored for future use.

Protect against the elements

According to Tropical Foods, place unused nuts in an airtight container and then store them in the refrigerator or freezer. Exposure to light, oxygen, and heat can result in nuts going rancid faster because of the high level of unsaturated fat they contain. By keeping them away from these elements in the refrigerator or freezer, nuts should last longer and maintain a better taste, per Tropical Foods. If kept in the freezer, nuts can last for years. Taste of Home recommends first wrapping them in plastic and then putting them in a marked airtight and freezer-safe bag. 

If you are keeping nuts in the fridge, make sure to keep them away from smelly food items like onions because of their ability to absorb odors. According to Food Network, nuts can begin to lose their flavor in the refrigerator, even if kept in an airtight container. If stored properly, nuts can last about four to six months in the refrigerator, per the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

After you make your next meal of Cashew Chicken or dozen Walnut Pillow Cookies, don't worry about your precious nuts going bad. Simply store them in the chilly refrigerator or freezer to be enjoyed later in another delicious recipe.