KickStand Is Spicing Up The Canned Cocktail Game, Literally

Bored of the same sweet cocktails with the same tired flavors? Spice things up with a zesty canned beverage. Sports analyst and mogul Darren Rovell is the mastermind behind KickStand, a canned cocktail line that blends vodka and fruit juice with piquant pepper (via Beverage Digest). With a range of fiery flavors, the cocktails are sure to elevate your drinking experience — and maybe make you sweat in the process.

There's no denying the convenience of a canned cocktail. Neatly stored inside a can, the beverages eliminate fumbling with bottles and measurements, and are easy to take with you wherever you go. Evidently, it's no wonder that the global market for canned cocktails is valued at $19 billion and is expected to grow over 11% by 2032 (via Future Market Research). 

Capitalizing on the canned cocktail craze, KickStand is appealing to cocktail lovers by honing in on funky, spice-forward flavors that are sure to excite anyone's palate.

Each flavor boasts a different spice level

With 105 calories and 5.5% ABV, each sleek, black can of KickStand is free of artificial ingredients and added sugars, per Beverage Digest. Instead, the drinks are made with high quality spirits, real fruit juice, and spicy artisanal peppers — but not every can has the same degree of heat.

What's unique about KickStand is that fans can slowly build their tolerance as each flavor ranges from mild, medium, or hot. That said, the first flavors to debut include a mild Roasted Jalapeño Cucumber, medium-spiced Charred Pineapple Poblano, and fiery Torched Peach Chipotle. But, it doesn't stop there. According to Beverage Digest, other flavors (including those with different base spirits) are also in the works, each four-pack being priced between $11.99 and $12.99.

Want to get your hands on the zesty cocktails? While the cocktails are set to launch in Chicago and Nashville, VinePair reports that the brand plans to expand into retail locations throughout Arizona, Arkansas, Illinois, Ohio, and Tennessee. You can also expect to see online purchasing options in the future.