This Is The Most Popular Type Of White Wine

The world of wine is an extensive one, and there is a vino variety for every dish and every palate. It is not the most popular boozy beverage in the United States, per Gallup polls, with 31% of drinkers opting for wine — right behind beer with 39% and a smidgen above with 27% of drinkers choosing liquor.

Yet, those who enjoy wine are a loyal bunch. In fact, Silicon Valley Bank reports that American restaurant-goers consume roughly 800 million gallons of table wine per year. That translates to 789 billion in restaurant sales pertaining to wine. Women are three times as likely to name wine as their preferred alcoholic beverage as men are, with 49% of women drinkers opting for the grapes over beer and spirits (via Gallup).

The average American drinker imbibes 3.6 alcoholic drinks per week. However, what is the most popular type of white wine for those at happy hour or as a salmon dinner enhancer?

Global favorite

Turns out, chardonnay is the most popular variety of white wine in the world, per The Reserve. In fact, 500,000 acres on the planet are dedicated to growing the grape. The chardonnay grape is originally from Burgundy, France. Over 1,200 years ago, Emperor Charlemagne's wife had the grapes planted in their vineyard because she was tired of her husband's beard being stained with red wine (via La Crema). Today, Monterey, California houses 17,000 acres of chardonnay, and Americans consume over 840,000 bottles per year.

Chardonnay is revered by winemakers for its ability to grow in many different climates (via Marketview Liquor). The range of flavors the grape can yield is also versatile. However, it does tend to take on different tastes depending on where it's grown and how it's made. The grape's ease and adaptability is what most likely lends to chardonnay's popularity — from crisp and fruity, to oaked and buttery, there's a type for every tongue.

Despite its immense popularity and spot at the top, chardonnay's reign is becoming vulnerable. BevAlc Insights by Drizly reported a slight drop in sales of chardonnay in the white wine category. Perhaps there will be a new white wine winner in the coming years.