The Easy Way To Fill Your Popeyes Cajun Rice Void

Most fast food lovers make a stop at Popeyes for chicken. But true fans of the chain that specializes in Louisiana cuisine are hungry for the sides. Because while the likes of McDonald's and Burger King offer run-of-the-mill options like fries and tater tots to pair with your meal, Popeyes' side menu boasts game-changing eats. The chain has earned quite a following for serving up dishes like mashed potatoes and gravy, red beans and rice, and, of course, its iconic fluffy Southern biscuits (per Popeyes).

So when one of Popeyes' most beloved sides got axed from its permanent menu, it only makes sense that many of its loyal customers were left in mourning. That's right, we're talking about none other than Popeyes' gone-but-not-forgotten Cajun rice. The beloved side was a standout menu item thanks to its unique recipe featuring Cajun and creole seasoned rice topped with bell pepper, onion, garlic, celery, and cayenne, as noted by Restaurant Business.

However, its delicious taste didn't save it from being discounted in 2021. And while Restaurant Business reported the fan-favorite menu item did make a brief reappearance at Popeyes in honor of its 50th anniversary, it has once again left the fast food restaurant's ranks. But while you may not be able to order the side at Popeyes anymore, there are still a few ways you can enjoy Cajun rice.

Order Jollibee's Adobo Rice

Much like Popeyes, Jollibee stands out against competitors, thanks to its commitment to selling food with a Filipino flair. But producing regional-specific sides and chicken isn't the only thing the two chains have in common.

Adobo Rice is a staple of Jollibee's menu. And although the dish may be based on the traditional Filipino meal of the same name, Adobo Rice uses many of the same ingredients found in Popeye's Cajun rice. As Restaurant Clicks notes, Adobo Rice is a well-seasoned rice dish composed of the same garlic and onion that made the Popeyes side such a hit. Of course, the Jollibee menu item also features soy sauce, but taking a bite of it will surely remind you of your discontinued Popeyes favorite.

Go shopping for Zatarain's Cajun chicken flavor rice

Did you love Popeyes Cajun chicken so much you could envision yourself eating a whole pot of it for dinner? If the answer is yes, you need to buy a box (or two) of Zatarain's Cajun chicken flavor rice mix.

A brand based in Louisiana per its website, Zatarain's Cajun chicken flavor rice is just about the closest thing to real Louisiana cookin' you can get from the grocery store. The box mix is filled with Cajun spices, onion, bell pepper, a touch of chicken flavor, and garlic. According to the company, adding some freshly cooked chicken into the mix will make it an even more delectable dinner.

Whip up a pot of dirty rice

Did you know dirty rice and Cajun rice are actually the same recipe (per Taste Better From Scratch)? That being said, if you want to eat a dish that tastes just like the widely-adored Popeyes side, making a pot of homemade dirty rice for lunch will do the trick. Like Popeyes' Cajun rice, dirty rice is made of ground beef, celery, onion, pepper, garlic, Cajun seasoning, chicken broth, and rice. However, most recipes also call for a bay leaf and a touch of light-bodied beer for even more of a flavor boost.

And making this Louisiana-certified supper favorite couldn't be more of a breeze. You only need to brown the meat before frying the onion, celery, and green pepper. Then, you will add the cajun seasoning, bay leaf, and meat to your vegetables. Finally, you'll prep the rice with the beer and stock and then mix all of the cooked ingredients together to enjoy a Popeyes Cajun rice-esque feast.

Make Popeyes Cajun rice at home

Just because Popeyes kitchen doesn't make Cajun rice anymore doesn't mean your kitchen can't. To cook a copycat batch of the spicy rice dish you can't get enough of, you'll be using ground beef, chicken gizzards, green bell pepper, garlic powder, green onions, celery flakes, chicken broth, Creole seasoning, and Cajun seasoning as your main ingredients.

The actual cooking process of the discontinued Popeyes side is very similar to making traditional dirty rice. First, you'll need to cook the ground beef, chicken, and green bell peppers together. Then, you'll add in the green onions, seasoning, and beef broth. To finish off the recipe, you'll cook the rice before seasoning it with creole and cajun spices. Then you only need to take a spoon to the dish you've been so sorely missing.