The Part Of Your Kitchen You Might Be Forgetting To Clean

As every good chef knows, cleanliness is essential in any kitchen. The kitchen has the most germs out of any room in the house, according to WebMD. Microorganisms thrive there and can easily infect the food you store and prepare. It's vital we combat dirtiness, so we can avoid dangerous accidents, prevent foodborne illnesses, stow food without it spoiling, and keep everything in working order, plus maintain a presentable kitchen for entertaining dinner guests (via Thrive Global).

You likely already know about some of the germiest areas in your kitchen. Sponges are becoming notorious as germ farms, despite their usefulness (you can clean those in the microwave, dishwasher, or a cup of cleaning solution, per WebMD). The floor is quite obviously a gross surface, while counters and cutting boards are frequently playing temporary host to foodstuff, so people remember to wipe those down. Then there are appliances, like the fridge or microwave, which see such regular use that we need to keep them disinfected. Everyone knows to do the dishes and take out the garbage, but we can't forget to pay attention to the dishwasher or trashcan. Just about anything that often comes into contact with food should be cleaned.

Those are the big ones, though. They're the easy-to-remember hot spots that just about everyone makes a habit of cleaning, at least to some extent. However, there are a few parts of your kitchen you might be forgetting to clean.

Overlooked areas

Some of the most commonly overlooked, but important to remember, parts of the kitchen to be cleaned, per The Kitchn, include electric kettles, spice racks, and stovetops. WebMD also points out that any surfaces unwashed hands touch, like handles, are always picking up new germs. Last, but certainly not least, is the silverware drawer.

According to The Kitchn, the problem has little to do with how you wash utensils or prevent them from tarnishing. The issue is that silverware drawers are usually positioned right below your countertops, so crumbs are falling in there all the time. Nobody wants old refuse sullying your pristine storage — or worse, attracting pests.

The Kitchn suggests taking everything out, vacuuming it up, and wiping the drawer down with hot soap and water, then drying it all with a clean towel. Maids by Trade, a professional cleaning service, recommends going the extra mile by keeping things tidy with drawer organizers (just make sure to clean those, too). This can decrease clutter that allows crumbs to go unnoticed.

Cleaning can certainly be a chore, but don't feel like you need to do everything all at once. Occasionally cleaning your silverware drawer can prevent gross buildup that takes a lot of effort to remove. Simply remember to clean out your silverware drawer every once in a while, and it'll start to feel more like a mere habit than full-on spring cleaning.