The Latest Monopoly Edition Heads To The Napa Valley Wine Country

A boozy new version of one of the most iconic board games of all time has arrived just in time for the holiday gifting — and imbibing — season. Over the years, Monopoly, which first debuted in 1935, has spawned seemingly endless variations catered to just about any interest there is, from NASCAR to "Pokémon" to "Seinfeld" and beyond (via Stacker).

Now, wine enthusiasts can take a gamified journey through one of the country's most famed grape-growing regions, the Napa Valley, without ever leaving their living room. According to PR Newswire, Napa Cellars, one of the local wineries featured in the wine-centric game, announced the debut of Monopoly: Napa Valley Edition, a new spin on the classic board game that highlights some of the most well-known businesses and landmarks across the Northern California wine destination.

The Cabernet Sauvignon-infused board game unveiled on Good Morning America earlier this week, features a variety of famous wineries, historic landmarks, and other Napa Valley hotspots. The game board highlights venerable California wine institutions like Sterling Vineyards, JaM Cellars, Hall Wines, Frank Family Vineyards, and Beringer, the Valley's oldest continuously operating winery, founded in 1876 (via Visit Napa Valley). In addition, popular local culinary institutions like La Chev Bakery, The Model Bakery, Bounty Hunter wine bar and BBQ restaurant, and the food hall at Oxbow Public Market are also given their time to shine.

The Napa-themed board game will highlight some of the region's top wineries

Other local businesses featured in the Napa-themed game are FlyWithWine, a wine-centric luggage company, Napa Valley College, Silverado Resort, and Senza Hotel, one of the region's many boutique hotels (per Good Morning America). The game's Community Chest and Chance cards have also been tailored to the Napa Valley experience, featuring prompts like "Napa Cellars consulted you to craft the next vintage. Collect 200," and "The sun is shining and Napa Cellars is calling. Make a reservation for a picnic amongst the vines. Pay 150" (via PR Newswire).

According to Jennifer Tripsea, a representative for the localized Monopoly game, the game makers "spent months creating a portrayal of the area's dynamic communities," enlisting the help of "locals to truly make this a fun and engaging game for Napa Valley residents and beyond." She told GMA, "We're thrilled to launch Monopoly Napa Valley Edition in time for the holidays and to celebrate one of the most beloved, culturally rich and geographically beautiful wine regions in the world."

Wine enthusiasts and Napa frequenters alike can purchase the new edition at local retailers across the wine region, in addition to Amazon, CVS, and Top Trumps USA website, which is selling the game for $44.99. The multiple bottles of wine required to get through a long night of Monopoly with your relatives: not included.