The Underrated Veggie That Will Give Your Grilled Cheese A Subtle Bite

Nothing screams comfort food like grilled cheese. All that gooey, stringy cheese that comes with each golden, crunchy bite brings a mixture of satiation and nostalgia. According to Fresh Melt, the combo of cheese and bread has been around forever, but it was the Great Depression that fostered our love for grilled cheese. Cheese Grotto goes on further to explain the creation of Kraft processed cheese really propelled the grilled cheese as a go-to sandwich, turning this simple sandwich into the child and adult favorite everyone knows and loves. 

Today, there are all types of variations of a grilled cheese sandwich. Some people like to add a slice of tomato, per Food Network, while others fancy avocado, according to the Cheese Empire. And Martha Stewart even offers up a grown-up version of the grilled cheese for the more discerning palate. These riffs all speak to the greatness of a grilled cheese sandwich which can be traced to the qualities of how truly easy and versatile it can be. But for those in search of the ultimate grilled cheese, you may want to try an underrated veggie that will give your beloved cheesy sandwich a wonderfully subtle bite.

Try this bulbous veggie

According to Bon Appétit, if you want to add a subtle kick to your grilled cheese sandwich, raw leeks are the way to go, explaining they will offer a bite that is just south of "sharp." And no need to caramelize them as you would your onions, the food site recommends mixing uncooked minced leeks with your shredded cheddar, along with a little sea salt. Blue Apron concurs with this recommendation, sharing their recipe for a Fontina and leek grilled cheese while explaining the leek will slowly cook with the melted cheese, offering "tender" and "sweet" notes for your taste buds.

There are plenty of similar takes on this combination, including one from the Dairy Farmers of Canada who suggest making a leek confit using honey and balsamic vinegar to really bring out the savory and sweet elements of this vegetable. Of course, if you are going to try leeks on your grilled cheese, Bon Appétit reminds grilled cheese lovers to only use the white and pale green parts of the leek because, as Fork in the Kitchen explains that is the part of the leek that offers the most flavor.