Phil Rosenthal's Favorite Meals From Season 6 Of Somebody Feed Phil - Exclusive

Season 6 of "Somebody Feed Phil" has officially premiered on Netflix, giving fans and viewers another glimpse into Phil Rosenthal's exciting and delicious travels. Though Rosenthal first rose to fame as the behind-the-scenes mastermind of "Everybody Loves Raymond," he has since become one of everyone's favorite foodies. In Season 6 of his food series, Rosenthal travels to several places across the globe, including Croatia, which was his personal favorite.

"I was expecting war-torn Yugoslavia ... In the '90s, there was a war going on, but a lot can happen in 30 years. When you get there, it reminded me of Italy, because it's right across the Adriatic from Italy — which is not a big ocean; it's a sea," Rosenthal told us. "There are parts of Croatia where you can look across and actually see Italy, so that's how close it is ... It's beautiful, and for young people, that's a great place to start if you haven't traveled yet."

During his exclusive interview with Tasting Table, Rosenthal further reminisced on his travels and shared some of his favorite meals and memories from the newest season of "Somebody Feed Phil." 

Phil's favorite meals of Season 6

Since Phil Rosenthal's favorite destination of the season was Croatia, it is only fitting that Croatia was where he also had his favorite meal. "In Croatia, there's something called a burek, which is this savory pastry with either meat or cheese in it — sometimes both. It's delicious," he shared. In true Mediterranean fashion, there was also an octopus burger Rosenthal encountered in Croatia that he said was pretty great. 

During his travels, he also got to enjoy some stellar views with his spectacular food. "I also went to one of the best seafood restaurants in the world, where you're literally sitting next to the water and the fish you're eating comes right from there and the oysters come right from there," Rosenthal said. "That was unbelievable."

But when it comes to the food he enjoyed closer to home, the barbecue in Austin, Texas, blew his socks off. "I had something called a bacon rib, which is the pork belly, but it's still attached to the bone, so it's like a giant honking piece of bacon, thick, on the bone," he explained.

The best food memory ever

In addition to some mouthwatering moments, Season 6 of "Somebody Feed Phil" also features some sentimental memories. In fact, there is a half-hour-long tribute to Phil Rosenthal's parents, Helen and Max. The episode features several different outtakes and hits, one of which is Rosenthal's favorite memory of all time.

"I was in their apartment and I was having my mom's matzo ball soup, which is the best thing she makes. There's a knock at the door — and I had arranged for one of the greatest chefs in the world to come in and try my mom's matzo ball soup," Rosenthal shared.

In walks none other than renowned French chef Daniel Boulud. "Daniel Boulud is truly one of the great French chefs in the world. He sat down in my mom's kitchen and had that matzo ball soup," Rosenthal explained. "That's one of my favorite moments ever of anything."

Season 6 of "Somebody Feed Phil" is now streaming on Netflix.