The Best Under-The-Radar Restaurants In LA, According To Phil Rosenthal - Exclusive

There is no denying that Phil Rosenthal loves great food. After gaining major success as the creator of "Everybody Loves Raymond," Rosenthal switched gears and become the star of his own show, "Somebody Feed Phil." This hit series follows Rosenthal across the globe as he meets new people and tries new cuisine. "I've always wanted to do a food and travel show," Rosenthal told us. "The way I sold the show was, 'I'm exactly like Anthony Bourdain if he was afraid of everything,' which tells you where I'm coming from. At first, I did it on PBS. We did six episodes there, and then Netflix came along. That's how it's been — almost accidental."

From Croatia to Nashville, season 6 of "Somebody Feeds Phil" takes viewers on a culinary journey unlike any other. During an exclusive interview with Tasting Table, Rosenthal discussed his favorite moments from Season 6 and even gave an inside scoop into his current favorite under-the-radar spot in L.A

Phil's favorite new LA restaurant

Los Angeles is home to a diverse and renowned culinary scene. From pizza to Mexican food, L.A. makes finding good food pretty easy. That said, Phil's current favorite spot is a quaint cafe located on the east side of the city. Bub and Grandma's has been making some of the best bread in Los Angeles for a while, and now guests are able to enjoy food from the restaurant in Eagle Rock. 

"They do some of the best bread, and a lot of the great restaurants have the bread. Again, geniuses — they take this world-class bread, they bake it fresh every day, and now they're filling it with ingredients that are just as good as the bread," Rosenthal explained. "You can get amazing sandwiches and things from [them] ... They're great. I can't say enough good things about them. I wish they were even closer than they are to my house."

Phil's other favorites

Another new favorite of Phil's is none other than Pizzeria Bianco in Downtown Los Angeles. Though this place certainly doesn't classify as an under-the-radar spot, it is new to L.A. and has quickly soared to stardom since its recent feature on Chef's Table: Pizza. "In the afternoon, he's doing New York-style pizzas from a gas oven — just like New York, big slices," Rosenthal said when talking about Chris Bianco. "At night, it's Pizzeria Bianco from Phoenix, the wood-fired pizza he's famous for that Nancy Silverton was inspired by when she opened Pizzeria Mozza, and now the guys here. I'm telling you, we have pizza as good as New York right here."

Despite the fact that Rosenthal is a huge fan of food, he prefers to leave the cooking to the professionals. "My favorite thing to cook at home is a hot dog, eggs, a bowl of cereal, a tuna sandwich — things that children can make," he joked. "I also make very good takeout orders."

Season 6 of "Somebody Feed Phil" is now streaming on Netflix.